How to Find Wholesale CBD?

Not all CBD providers offer quality products. When purchasing CBD in bulk, knowing what to look for is highly essential.

The growing popularity of the cannabis market has led to a highly profitable CBD wholesale market. The cannabis plant is renowned for being effective in stress relief and other conditions, such as epilepsies and seizures, pain and chronic inflammation, and stress and anxiety. 

The statement that suggested that the cannabidiol industry would amass over $20 billion in the next three years has made many companies consider the purchase of cannabidiol in bulk.

CBD business

And now, with the current increase in the number of CBD providers, how do you find a reliable and trustworthy wholesaler to provide you with quality cannabidiol? Below are tips on how to choose a wholesale CBD provider for your business.

Know the Kind of CBD you Want

Full-spectrum, or isolate, find out which is best for your business. The full-spectrum product boasts of providing organic CBD and essential ingredients such as terpenes and flavonoids that work well with cannabidiol. It implies that other than cannabidiol, consumers will be ingesting ingredients such as CBN, CBG, THCV, and THC.

The full-spectrum products often contain small doses of these extra ingredients. 

Studies have shown that in organic cannabidiol, the THC level is as little as 0.03%, which means that consumers wouldn’t get the “high” feeling when consuming the product.

On the other hand, the isolate products contain only cannabidiol without any extra ingredients. It is free of terpenes and flavonoids that interacts well with CBD to provide maximum effects.

The only reason why consumers might prefer “isolate” CBD over the full-spectrum is to rest assured knowing that they aren’t getting any extra ingredients like THCV or THC that is responsible for causing psychoactive behaviors in consumers of cannabis.

Although the full-spectrum contains THC ingredients, it is as small as O.03%, deemed safe for consumption. You can read up here on the different CBD available. 

Find a Wholesaler Willing to provide you with a Lab-Test on their CBD Product

It is imperative that when finding a provider for your cannabidiol, you choose the one who has a third-party lab test proving that their product is tested and trusted. Studies have shown that over 60% of CBD available for purchase online are mislabeled-implying that they may contain psychoactive ingredients that can hamper the performance of cannabidiol.

For this reason, each batch of product you purchase must be tested for quality as well as potential contaminants and toxins.

Make Sure to Shop from a Reliable Wholesaler

It will help if you trust your provider. So, ensure to conduct a customer service test. Before doing business with your potential provider, ensure to pick up the phone and contact them. 

You can give them your email asking them to provide you with important information on their cannabidiol products. The time it takes to get a response and send your required information will tell you all you need to know about your potential provider.

The best CBD wholesalers understand that customer service is key to running a profitable business.

Make Sure your Provider gets Their Products from Organic Farms

For natural products, organic is always better. Since hemp is a natural substance, it should be extracted organically. Hemp is a bio-accumulator, suggesting that they draw harmful toxins and heavy chemicals from their environment.

Consumers do not want to ingest harmful toxins and pesticides. It is best to find a CBD wholesale provider who shops from organic farms to provide you with your products.

The best growers and harvesters use superior techniques to derive the cannabidiol from the hemp plant. Excellent techniques that use carbon dioxide to extract the cannabidiol ingredients ensure that toxins and heavy metals are destroyed in the extraction process. The link here has more on safety issues regarding cannabis consumption. 

Final Note

The following tips outlined above will not only provide you with the right CBD wholesalers for your business but ensure you get products that consumers will enjoy.

If you need a CBD wholesaler, then we highly recommend you research the web to find popular brand that offer bulk services. You can check through the website and get in touch with them to find out what they offer.