How To Check The Quality Of The Best CBD Oil

CBD oil was once a very controversial product. Being that it comes from hemp, a cousin of the marijuana plant, there used to be so much doubt surrounding it. Many were doubtful about its effectivity, and some were afraid of it possibly being addictive. As more people started using CBD oil, all these doubts eventually got ironed out. CBD oil is now a popular natural alternative for alleviating different kinds of pain. 

The CBD industry today is a thriving one. Because of the effectivity of CBD products, demand continues to increase. This demand has also paved the way for so many more suppliers to manufacture and sell CBD products. Some of these provide excellent quality, while some are, unfortunately, inferior.

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To avoid buying CBD oil from the latter group, you must know how to filter out your options. This article gives you some of the top tips to remember when choosing high-quality CBD oil.

1. Always Check The Product Labels

When you’re shopping for any other kind of product, take the time to check the product label. The same principle should apply when you’re looking for the best CBD oil. The product label is there for a reason, and that’s to provide the buyer with information about the product. That way, you know for sure what you’re buying and whether or not it’s of good quality.

Here are some crucial things to double-check on the label:

  • Choose full-spectrum CBD oil if you want to ensure effectiveness. These kinds of CBD products contain extra molecules and chemicals from the CBD plant. As a result, CBD gives off a more prominent effect.
  • Choose CBD isolate, if you’re after the purest kind. CBD isolates have gone through so much filtering, so it’s free from any additional contaminants. Look for the label “THC-free” or “isolate” on the packaging, so you can be sure that it’s doesn’t include added chemicals.
  • Check to ensure that the product has less than 0.3% THC. A THC-free CBD product doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have THC at all. It means the product is composed of less than 0.3% THC. Avoid buying CBD oils that don’t tell you how much THC there is, as you may end up buying an inferior product.
  • Read through the list of ingredients. This should give you transparency when it comes to the ingredients used to manufacture the CBD product. Good quality CBD oil should be free from any unnecessary ingredients and chemicals.

2. Double Check The Source Of The CBD Plant

The highest-grade CBD plant comes from hemp. Because industrial hemp is now legal in many states, it means it’s grown under safe conditions to ensure the best quality for consumers. Double-check to ensure that the hemp plant is grown in organic farms. This means it’s free of chemicals such as pesticides that can stick to the plant. When these chemicals adhere to the hemp plant, it can also affect the CBD oil’s overall quality, and it may no longer be considered pure.

One of the best ways for you to determine the source is to visit the manufacturer’s website. It’s here that you’ll gain insight about the production site location. Hemp plants cultivated and produced in North America and Europe can be considered the safest, because of all the strict guidelines their manufacturers and producers have to adhere to.

3. Check The Extraction Method

There are different means of extracting CBD oil. But, the best, purest, and safest are those using ethanol or C02 extraction processes. Under such methods, carbon dioxide under high pressure in extremely cold environments is used. These methods may be more complex, but they also ensure purity as the most amount of cannabidiol is extracted from each plant, without including any harmful chemicals. If you can’t find this information on the oil’s label, you can Google the manufacturer’s details. You should find information about their extraction process on their website.

If you can’t find anything about the extraction method, it’s better to avoid purchasing their products as they can be considered unsafe for use. Low-quality oils will use toxic chemicals such as butane, propane, and hexane during the extraction process. This can make your CBD oil inferior in quality and unsafe to use. This is also why you’ve got to be extra wary about CBD products with a price that’s too cheap or too good to be true. It can be indicative of inferior extraction methods. 

4. Ask About Third-Party Testing

CBD oils that are superior in quality should undergo third-party lab testing. These are impartial laboratories that’ll double-check the chemical compound of the oil. This information should also be disclosed on the website or readily available when you ask for it.

The third-party lab testing will indicate if the oil contains any fertilizers or chemicals. It will also give a confirmatory report about the total amount of cannabinoid and THC content.

5. Call The Product’s Customer Service Hotline

As you go through the different kinds of CBD oil products in dispensaries when you shop, you may also have some questions about the effectiveness of the product. Manufacturers of good quality CBD products have a customer support line you can reach for any concerns. For instance, you may have concerns that aren’t found in the packaging or website. Don’t leave these questions unanswered, and contact the seller as soon as you can 

The availability of a customer service representative to answer your questions is also indicative of the product’s quality. If they can’t answer any of your basic questions, it should be a red flag for you as to their trustworthiness and product quality.


The quality of CBD products depends on their source and extraction methods used to process them. To ensure that what you’re getting is a quality product, always check the label. In doing so, you’ll find essential information regarding the CBD oil you wish to try. Trustworthy manufacturers and sellers will always be willing to go through each of your concerns. When it comes to your health, don’t take second chances. As you’re taking the natural route, ensure that all the CBD products you’re using as alternatives are good quality ones.

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