How to Dress for Success in the Events Industry

Working in the events industry requires a certain type of energy and presence. Projects need to be approached enthusiastically, with maximum effort. As such, the clothes that you wear to work are going to be appropriate for business settings yet also chosen with comfort and suitability in mind. As a professional in the events industry, you will be meeting people, setting up areas for clients, and keeping an eye on events as they play out. Learn how to dress so that you can get the job done while still being able to take on nearly any physically demanding task.

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Staying Comfortable and Professional

There are styles that are perfect for the office. Some dress shoes are just not made for walking and suits that are too constrictive to allow for a wide range of motion. However, professionals in the events industry don’t spend all of their time sitting behind desks. This requires them to dress in comfortably business-oriented styles, like in polo shirts and khakis. Imagine having a job that combines hands-on customer service-related tasks, site management, and office work.

Some professionals in the events industry get to experience rides such as the Adrenalator in the morning and then meet with clients, take deposits, and sign contracts for future events in the afternoon.

You could also end up actually operating and performing light maintenance on rides and games at events, so you want to put on a professional appearance while being ready to take on anything.

Keep It Between Business and Casual

It is not hard to pick out clothing items that are appropriate for business environments. Casual clothing basically just includes jeans, t-shirts, sweats, sneakers, and athletic attire. There will be times in your career that showing up in a sweatshirt and jeans is absolutely okay. However, even a casual outfit can be ‘dressed-up’ and made more suitable for business-oriented events. Pairing jeans and a shirt with a smart jacket and dress shoes makes it clear that you are ready to spend as much time in the office as you are prepared to enthusiastically engage in a corporate event.

Practicality and Accessories  

The wardrobes of events industry professionals have a lot of the same staples. They basically all contain tons of business slacks in khaki, tan, black, and navy. Most will have quite a few pullover polo-styled shirts and perhaps some company branded button down and t-shirts. Rip, tear, fray, and wrinkle-free jeans can also generally be paired with an appropriate top in most instances. Where professionals in the business industry differ a bit is with their selection of accessories.

Some of your co-workers might really like pairing sneakers with just about everything to help dress their looks down. A lot of your colleagues will like putting on nice watches and other jewelry to look more business casual. The fact of the matter is the corporate business look is starting to fall out of favor. The business casual style is truly starting to catch on, even outside of the events industry.

Imagine having a day at work where you do a lot of walking, you talk to a few clients by phone, and you also need to make a presentation to your boss. How would you ideally dress that day? Would you make sure that your feet were comfortable and that you felt confident when you meet with your direct superior? If so, you probably have all of the elements needed to pull off a business casual look.

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