How to Create the Perfect Professional Wardrobe


Whether your workplace has a strict dress code or not, chances you will want a wardrobe that allows you to put your best face forward. Whatever your sense of style, after all, there are ways to improve it to give yourself a better, more polished look that people respond to. Whether this is jeans and a sweater or a pencil skirt and blouse is up to you and in some cases your employer, but what doesn’t change is that you look great in whatever you wear.

Now, not every garment you pick up will help you achieve this polished, professional look. If a shirt is cheaply made it will show. If it doesn’t fit you well, it will show. You need to look beyond the trends and work with your body and your taste to create the ultimate wardrobe to wear to work:

Know Your Workplace’s Dress Code

Before you get too carried away, it is wise to check up on what the specifics of your company’s dress code are. Most won’t be too strict (and shouldn’t be), but it is good to know if there are certain expectations. Safety requirements, in particular, will need to be maintained (for example, must always wear long sleeves).

Top Basics Every Professional Wardrobe Needs

Top basics every professional needs, unless there is something in your dress code that forbids them, are:

  1. Dress pants
  2. Tailored shirts
  3. A blazer
  4. Smart Shoes

Tips for Getting the Professional Look

To improve the quality of the clothes you buy and how you wear them, you will want to:

1.    Shop Your Size

Your clothes need to fit you, not what size you want to be or what size you used to be. This can mean changing which brands you shop from. Stylish plus size tops need to be designed with real women in mind. Far too often with big name brands is that their larger sizes are just wider or larger than their smaller sizes, without any emphasis on how your shape works.

2.    Get it Tailored

Nothing will fit quite as good as something that has been tailored to you. If this is your intention, then buy your tops so that they comfortably fit the widest part of your body and your shoulders. Shoulders can be very expensive to tailor, so finding a good top that fits these two areas is essential. Next, take it to your local tailor and have them shape it to your waist.

3.    Take Care of Your Clothes

A great looking top can immediately bring down your whole look if you don’t take care of it properly. Take care of your clothes, learn how to properly mend them to fix small issues, and always follow the care labels.

A professional wardrobe, at its very basic, is one that fits you well and looks great on. By following this guide, you too can create your own professional wardrobe with your personal flair added to it.

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