How to Comply with Cosmetics Labeling Requirements?

Cosmetics labeling requirements in the US are governed by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). The organization issues a detailed Cosmetics Labeling Guide explaining how to comply with the Fair Packaging and Labeling Act (or FP&L Act), as well as the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act (or FD&C Act). The main reason cosmetic labels are so crucial is that they constitute the written representation of the product itself, misbranding is therefore not tolerated.

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What are the Cosmetics Labeling Requirements in the US?

As any oversight is understood as mislabeling, it is important to have a clear idea of what the FDA’s requirements are and how to incorporate them in a product’s labeling. It is worth noting, for instance, that the expression “cosmetic label” does not only refer to packaging or to a sticker. Instead, any written, printed or graphic information pertaining to the product is considered labeling, including content the brand shares on their social media pages, online or on their own websites. This mostly applies to additional details and marketing campaigns which must not be misleading or false in any way. As for the packaging itself, it should contain very specific details, which can be subject to change as cosmetics labeling requirements evolve. To help manufacturers stay on top of these constraints, cosmetics labeling compliance software constitutes a highly reliable solution as it ensures every piece of information is present and displayed exactly where it should be.

The label’s Principal Display Panel (the most prominent portion of the label) should display the product’s identity statement, along with the net quantity. The former should clearly indicate the nature of the product itself and its intended use. As for the latter, it should be expressed by weight in avoirdupois ounces or pounds if the product is solid, semi-solid, viscous, or part solid part liquid. Fluid quantities can be expressed by volume in fluid ounces or US pints, quarts or gallons. Metric units can be included but are optional.

Cosmetics labeling requirements span other mandatory information, though it can be displayed elsewhere on the label, on portions known as Information Panels. These should mention the name and place of business, along with a distributor statement in the form of “Distributed for …” or “Manufactured for …” statements. Cosmetics labels should also include material facts, which feature directions for safe use. These vary based on the type of product. Any warnings or precautions associated with the use of the product should be clearly stated, as any oversight will result in it being classed as misbranded. Finally, all ingredients must be listed in descending order of predominance, with a number of exceptions that, once again, depend on the product itself. US cosmetics labeling requirements also imply that all information should be displayed in English.

Software Solutions to Ensure Perfect Compliance

In addition to these basic obligations, cosmetics manufactures should observe any applicable state regulations, making matters significantly more complicated for nationwide distribution.

Industry standard software provides dynamic solutions to cosmetics labeling requirement issues by automating every aspect of data management. From formulation development to traceability, INCI listings and every single component of cosmetics, beauty and personal care-related communication, including drawing up PIFs or cosmetic labels, all regulatory considerations are covered.

By using tools developed with the cosmetic industry in mind, manufacturers benefit from a perfectly tailored solution to ensure all legal requirements are met and can instantaneously generate up-to-date, compliant documents for their products. They can also improve their testing and general management efficiency by keeping track of raw materials and processes. Implementing such a solution facilitates the creation of an invaluable database that every member of their research and development team can use.

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