How To Advertise Different Products Through Your Blog

Whether you’re selling offline products and services, or you have an online business, leveraging content marketing helps increase digital visibility, boost traffic, and attract more leads. Also, you must integrate a blogging platform if you have an ecommerce store. By writing blog posts about different products, you’ll attract more people to your website, educate prospective buyers, showcase product features and benefits, and get more sales.

In this post, you’ll learn how to effectively advertise different products through your blog.

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Tell A Story About How The Product Was Made

Because people are naturally intrigued by stories, it is one way to advertise different products through your blog best. Inspire your audience by narrating stories of how a product was designed, or carefully thought of, just to provide them utmost product satisfaction and improve their quality of life.

Here are the things you can discuss when telling a story about a product on your blog post:

  • Product Idea Origin: Tell a story about how the product came into existence, such as where the idea came from and how it was possible to penetrate a competitive market.
  • People Behind the Product: You can talk about the people behind the research, prototyping, and manufacturing of the product. Perhaps the raw materials of a product are sourced from a remote rural area, cultivated by native farmers, or handcrafted by an ethnic group. 
  • Manufacturing Process: A blog is designed to educate and entertain your audience, so you could also talk about a product’s manufacturing process. For instance, if you’re selling CBD products, your blog articles could discuss how CBD oil is extracted from industrial hemp plants and incorporated into different CBD products. 

For such a specialized product, you could also enlist the help of marketing experts to create a website tailored to a CBD design. Good design should be observable from your layout, background image, logo, and branding.

Report New Product Availability

Consumers would highly appreciate a blog post that would give them value for their time, so reports and announcements about your product would provide additional information that helps in decision-making while purchasing. Announcing the availability of new products in a press release, you can talk about all the high-level details about a product, such as it’s pricing, make, where to purchase it, and availability. 

Discuss What Solutions The Product Offers

Listing and discussing the different problems that a product can solve would make it more likely for people to connect with you through your blog. Help consumers understand how a product can solve their problems, fulfil their needs, and improve their day-to-day lives.

Through in-depth research and incorporating SEO techniques in your blog post, you can enable online users to easily search your products through your helpful articles. Check out these simple blog content strategies that can help you best position your products to your target audience:

  • FAQ Or Q&A Articles: Create content incorporating frequently asked questions and answer them through your blog post. Online users consult Google for help and enter questions or phrases to find answers. Sharing your expertise through FAQ and Q&A articles increases your blog authority and trust while educating your customers.
  • Consumer Guide: A consumer guide blog post is better written as a long article that consists of 2,000 words or more. It’s an excellent way to provide in-depth product analysis and guidance to your target audience, which helps with final decision making. In addition, longer web content tends to rank higher in search engines, according to SerpIQ’s detailed study.

Talk About The Features Of The Product

Discuss the features and benefits of a product creatively in your post. Does the product have a cool feature? Intrigue consumers about the best product feature in your blog post, talking about them in simple terms or words that they can easily understand. By selling them the benefits, you can generate considerable excitement and inspire more people to buy the product.

Check these examples of how you can discuss product features and benefits in your blog:

  • Review Product: Enumerate the top product you’re promoting in your blog and do an honest review about them. 
  • Make Comparison: Compare your product with its major competitors or counterparts and highlight how your product outshines the rest. You can also talk about their similarities and differences in terms of design, functionality, and features.
  • Show Video Presentation: Show your audience how the product is used and cleaned and maintained through a video tutorial to better understand its features and benefits.

Enhance Your Web Design

Aside from text-based content, make your blog more effective and appealing by enhancing your web design and SEO. Also, you have to make sure that visitors find it easy to navigate your blog without frustrating lags or crashing. In that way, the experience of your audience won’t be disrupted while engaging with your blog.

Check these helpful tips to best enhance your blog’s web design:

  • Mobile Optimization: Make sure to optimize your blog site for mobile use because more people use their smartphones to gain online access than other devices.
  • Let Visitors Scroll On Your Homepage: Design a slightly long homepage that includes three to five sections, like value proposition, product features, intro video, testimonials, case studies, or overview of services, to help users get directed to proper areas in your website for seamless user experience. 
  • Use Whitespace: Whitespace or negative space is an essential web design element. It helps increase blog readability, content prioritization, and breaks up the page. If some pages lack white space, you can strip some elements or unnecessary content, making sure that your web content is properly organized so that online users can easily distinguish what web page they belong to.
  • Make Navigation User-friendly: Navigation is the key to seamless website browsing. It’s an essential tool that helps users get into the core places of your website. A confusing or disorganized navigation interface can be a major turn-off even if you have great content, so make sure to include navigation hierarchy, streamlined content, and responsive web design to improve user experience.


Advertising products through your blog takes a lot of hard work, from web design, incorporating SEO, and strengthening your content marketing strategies. You can tell a product’s story or humble beginnings in your blog post, conduct a product review, and present its features and benefits through educational articles, like consumer guides and tutorials.

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