How To Add Admin to Facebook Page?

Be it the company page or your personal Facebook page that you run to share daily insights into your life running a Facebook page can be demanding. This becomes even more hassle if it’s a publicly recognized page with many followers.

How do you navigate through editing, posting, and replying to the comments your audience leaves? Hence, having a helping hand in the form of an additional admin comes in handy. Not just that, let’s say that you want to leave the successful Facebook page you are running. How do you hand it over to someone else to continue posting?

Knowing how to add admin to a Facebook page is vital to managing it and running it successfully. This guide will explore more about that.

What is the Role of a Facebook Page Admin?

A Facebook Page Admin is the boss of a Facebook Page. They have the ultimate control and responsibility for everything on the Page.

They manage a lot of factors related to the page, including:

Content management

This includes creating, editing, and posting original content on the page to drive engagement. It also involves scheduling posts or deleting them when not needed.


The key to a successful Facebook page lies in the engagement you draw from your posts. So, when people comment on your posts or message you via DMs, the key is to communicate and reply to them. An admin does that, too.

Community management

The admin is responsible for keeping the page a positive and productive space. They can remove inappropriate content, ban users who violate guidelines, and moderate discussions. In short, an admin’s responsibility is to keep the page clean.

Insights and analytics

Facebook page admins are also responsible for accessing data about how the posts are performing and tracking things like follower growth, engagement on the posts, and the reach of the content. Based on these insights, the admin can plan and strategize the content.

Ad Creation and Management

If the page is promotional, admins can create and manage Facebook Ads to reach a wider audience and achieve specific goals.

These are a handful of the tasks that an admin of a Facebook page does to drive growth and popularity.

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Steps to Add Admin to Facebook Page

Add Admin to Facebook Page

Now that you better understand an admin’s role in a Facebook page, let us explore the steps to assign one.

  • Navigate to your Facebook page.
  • On the left side bar menu, scroll until you find Settings.
  • Once the settings page opens, scroll until you find Page Roles.

Under that, you will find “Assign a New Page Role.”

  • Type the username of the person to whom you wish to assign the admin role. Once the profile pops up, click on it.
  • Tap on the box right beside their name. It will open a dropdown menu with different roles. From there, tap on Admin.
  • Once you select Admin, a message will pop up suggesting, “If you’re adding a new admin to your Page, please keep in mind that they’ll have the same permission as you do to make changes to this Page.”
  • Once you are sure, click on Add. Facebook will ask you to enter the password to confirm the changes.
  • Following confirmation, the new admin will appear in the “Existing Page Roles.”

The person you assigned as the admin will receive a notification asking them to accept the new role. Once they do, the new profile as the admin of the Facebook page will be confirmed.

Note: You can edit the role of the person you added to the admin role on your Facebook page. You can assign them the role of editor, moderator, advertiser, etc., in the future.

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What Are Factors to Look Out for When Assigning a New Admin to your Facebook Page?

Running a Facebook page is a laborious task. So, when you trust someone else with the role, it makes sense that you’d be skeptical about many things.

Would they do the job properly? What kind of factors should they look out for? Is it safe to assign the credentials to someone else like that? The questions are endless.

So, when you are assigning this new role, keep the following factors in mind:

  • Only make someone an admin of your Facebook page if you trust and know them. There’s no reason to trust the page’s security in someone else.
  • If you want to test the waters before transferring the role, try assigning a different entry-level role, like editor or moderator. This allows you to test their work before giving them the role.
  • Ensure that you delegate the role to someone who is experienced and knows how to manage the Facebook page.

Following these simple tips should make it easier for you to navigate through the process of assigning the admin role to someone on your Facebook page.

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Assigning admins to your Facebook Page is crucial in managing your online presence effectively. Following the steps outlined above, you can easily grant administrative access to trusted individuals and empower them to help you create and deliver engaging content, manage your community, and achieve your page’s goals. Remember, it’s important to choose admins who are familiar with your brand and understand your target audience.

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