How Lawyers can use Social Media to their Advantage

Does professionalism and social media really go hand in hand? It’s fair to say that most lawyers will probably have social media pages dedicated to their office and business. Somewhere potential clients can find a phone number or an address and somewhere they can place a query. However, for many legal firms, that’s usually as far as it goes. 

But did you know that social media is one of the fastest ways that law firms can grow their client base and stand apart from their competitors? You’re probably aware of how congested and competitive the legal world can be, so finding new ways to engage with potential clients and showcase your knowledge and experience is ideal. 

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Simply put, social media can help you connect with your clients and turn those connections into potential leads – if you’re looking for a Facebook advertising service for lawyers, click the link.

Now, we’ll examine how lawyers like you can use social media to their advantage…

Show your human side

It can be tricky for lawyers to maintain a balance of approachability and respectability online, as the majority of social network accounts are so informal and conversational. Yes, lawyers are the people we turn to in times of need, they’re intelligent and have incredible problem-solving skills. This can make it more difficult for law firms to freely post on social networks, as they have a reputation to uphold. Embracing social media allows lawyers to show their human side. It gives potential clients an insight into the business. 

Using the correct tone, you can post updates about your firm, special events, milestones, awards and other news that might be of interest to your clients. The more approachable you are, the better chance you have of turning those likes and follows into leads.

Create discussions

One of the biggest and easiest mistakes to make on social media, especially from a business perspective is simply posting dead-end content. Posting links to blogs or pages of your website, sharing stock images etc means missing out on engagement. If you’re going to post, try to encourage discussions amongst your followers, start conversations about topics your clients are passionate about like, divorce, child custody or personal injury.

Create authority 

Anyone can have authority on a subject, but when you’re a lawyer it’s not always easy to stand apart from other legal contenders in your field. Sharing strong content on your social media platforms, creating discussions, answering questions, enjoying debates and giving your opinion on high profile cases will help you stand out from the crowd. When followers and clients like your content, they’re more likely to share it – the more people who see this, the stronger your brand and authority will be. 

In the courtroom 

Social media isn’t just a means to generate more leads, but it’s also becoming an invaluable tool in the courtroom. Social media can provide a wealth of evidence that can support your defendant or be used against the plaintiff. It can be used to prove someone’s whereabouts or used as evidence in a personal injury case where someone is claiming to be injured yet their latest posts show otherwise. 

Final thoughts…

Focusing on social media will only benefit your legal firm, from your ranking on Google to your potential client base and of course in the courtroom itself.

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