How Effective Is A Ringless Voicemail System For Your Business

Effective communication is one of the most important things you need to grow your business. To engage customers, your business needs to have a phone, a website, a voicemail system, social media accounts, and any other communication channel required to connect with customers. Though it’s important for your business to provide round the clock customer service, there are times that you’ll find it difficult to respond to calls right away. 


This is when your business needs a ringless voicemail system. With this system, your callers are able to leave you voicemail messages whenever you’re not in a position to pick calls. What distinguishes a ringless voicemail system from other voicemails is the fact that the system uses a ringless voicemail software like Drop Cowboy, which you can watch here to see how it initially works:

Ringless Voicemail Explained

Ringless voicemail refers to a system that enables businesses or individuals to send pre-recorded messages to voicemail inboxes. When these messages are sent, the receiving phones don’t ring. Phone owners are able to retrieve the voice messages the same way they would other voicemail messages. This makes ringless voicemails non-intrusive tools for marketing a company’s products or services. 

Businesses that use voicemails are able to generate numerous callbacks from their target audiences without incurring costs. As a marketing technique, ringless voicemail offers businesses scalable merits that enable them to realize their goals. You can use ringless voicemail to achieve a wide range of marketing goals ranging from lead generation to nurturing to following up on customers.  

Effectiveness Of Ringless Voicemail System For Businesses

When used by businesses, ringless voicemail systems have proven to be an efficient tool when it comes to promoting brands or advertising products or benefits. Here’s how this technology can help you grow your business to the next level:

  1. Enables Non-Intrusive Marketing

Ringless voicemail provides businesses to market their products to their target audience in a non-intrusive manner. This aspect makes it the ideal option for promoting products or services to prospects or customers. Compared to conventional telemarketing that requires call recipients to hold on the line throughout the conversation, a ringless voicemail system delivers messages to recipients without requiring them to take immediate action. 

This means there is no intrusion on the recipients’ time. As a matter of fact, most people who get cold telemarketing calls are not impressed by their intrusive nature. As reflected by the name, the recipient’s phones don’t ring when ringless voicemails are sent. Instead, recipients receive voicemail message notifications and are free to decide when they want to listen to the voice message. The fact that ringless voicemail doesn’t disturb potential customers increases the likelihood of your business to attract more leads and sales. 

  1. Gives Businesses Ability To Control Quality

Since ringless voicemail messages are pre-recorded, entrepreneurs have the advantage of controlling the quality of content that goes out to prospects or customers. While it’s possible to pass quality messages while conducting live conversations with your audience, there is always the risk of not being able to take back any words that may be said during the discussion that might hurt your chances of converting the session into a sale. Plus, there’s the chance that calls would not be received in the first place as the call might go direct to voicemail instead.

Though your prospects might drop the calls of your sales reps if your agents use the wrong words, they are also likely to talk ill of your business to others. This means a minor error during live calls could cause your business to lose leads and even existing customers. Using ringless voicemails enables you to minimize risks associated with such human errors. 

In addition, you get a chance to listen to pre-recorded messages before sending them out to your target audience. If you spot errors in the message, you can edit the audio messages until you’re satisfied that the content communicates your intended message. Also, as you send ringless voicemails to your audience, the positive energy and steady tone used during recording won’t be compromised by any unforeseen changes in human emotion.

  1. Provides Opportunities For Businesses To Perfect Their Pitch

Businesses that use ringless voicemail get a chance to perfect their pitch to suit their audience’s needs. Their teams work together to develop pre-recorded messages, review the output, and event-test them to ensure they have a perfect and consistent pitch before sending them out to potential customers. This is a total shift from live discussion processes indeed. 

Though having conversations with prospects each day can get your marketing message out, it might be difficult to maintain a consistent pitch every time. The initial calls that your team makes might be cheerful, but this is likely to change as they move down the list. Repeating the same things over and over again, day in and day out, becomes boring, making it impossible to maintain the same pitch throughout a typical working day. 

This isn’t the case with ringless voicemail since you only need to do one recording. This gives you a chance to capture your message in the best pitch possible, then send it out to your target audience. This gives you an opportunity to deliver a pitch that reflects genuine interest and enthusiasm to your audience.

  1. Enables Businesses To Reach Prospects In Different Regions

One thing that makes ringless voicemail systems highly effective for businesses is its ability to reach prospects across regions fast. Most marketing strategies require sales teams to initiate contact with a single person at a go. A good example is the use of cold calls. Sales reps that use this strategy have to call prospects one lead at a time, with each call taking time to complete. In the same way, marketers who opt to use telemarketing have to call prospects one person at a time as well. 

This makes cold calling and telemarketing a long, tedious, and time-consuming process. This isn’t the case with ringless voicemail messages. Using a ringless voicemail system, you can easily reach as many prospects in different regions as you wish—faster and with ease. Once your marketing message is recorded, the system delivers it almost instantly to all intended recipients. It only takes a few minutes to send the audio file to your target audience. This frees time for sales reps and marketers to focus on more strategic activities as opposed to spending plenty of time doing the repetitive task of calling one lead at a time. 

  1. Motivates Recipients To Call Back

Ringless voicemail systems are known to attract high rates of callbacks from recipients than live calls. This is because ringless voicemail messages are not meddlesome. Recipients are free to listen to them at a time and place that’s convenient for them. This means most of them are likely to listen to their voicemails when they’re relaxed and currently clearing a clear mind, not during the middle of a busy day that’s characterized by stressful to-do lists. This state of mind allows recipients to reflect on the message more, and return calls once they clarify their intention to do business with the company that left the audio marketing message. 

  1. Ringless Voicemail Systems Works With Other Marketing Tools

Ringless voicemail systems are not designed to run the work by themselves. On the contrary, they integrate pretty well with modern-day digital marketing techniques. For instance, if you use social media to attract and engage your prospects, ringless voicemail systems allow you to deliver voicemail messages to your followers’ inboxes. 

The system sends such messages to anyone in your social media network who expresses genuine interest in the services or products that you offer. This kind of integration enables businesses to reduce their marketing costs in the long run. It also saves your sales teams the time that’s otherwise spent talking to people who are not interested in your offerings and instead focuses on more relevant tasks. 

7. Makes It Easy For Businesses To Comply With Government Regulations

Whether you are a large company or a small business, you’re expected to comply with all government regulations, including those that touch on communication. Companies that provide ringless voicemail services must comply with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) to continue operating. The TCPA is a statute of the federal government that’s designed to safeguard consumer privacy. 

Reliable ringless voicemail service providers understand this statue and adhere to it. This means that any company that signs up for the service complies with the statute as well. As such, they are able to reach and engage their prospects with the confidence that their businesses don’t violate the rules and regulations set by the TCPA or the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). 

Last Word

Businesses are always looking for ways to generate leads and engage prospects. When it comes to the use of phones, traditional marketers tend to use telemarketing as opposed to ringless voicemail messages. While there’s nothing wrong with telemarketing per se, ringless voicemail systems might provide a more efficient way of engaging prospects than the latter these days. 

By sending pre-recorded voice messages to your prospects, you save on time and cost while giving them the power to decide when to listen to the message and get back to you. Thus, if you’re looking for a non-intrusive but highly effective method of attracting leads, a ringless voicemail system is your best bet. 

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