Guide to Buying Restaurant Bar Stools

Bar stools

Bar stools might be tucked away in a corner of a restaurant or under the shadows of a dim bar. They do not have a strong presence like a love seat or a booth. Regardless of their understated appearance with long legs and no armrests, there are a variety to choose from. Restaurant barstools come in many different styles, they can be rustic with reclaimed wood or industrial with polished chrome. Another thing to consider when looking for your bar stools is the different features they offer and how that connects to your space.

Floor mounted or free to roam?

Bar stools that are mounted on the floor may be a popular choice for people who prefer fixed seating and have no plans of changing the space. It is also convenient in places that might have rough clientele because they cannot be used in a fight, this is a popular option for bars.

On the other hand, having bar stools that can be moved has its own perks as well. They can be cleared out when necessary, easily replaced when broken, and there are no cumbersome fees for installment. When deciding on floor mounted bar stools or the regular ones, think about what you value and how they can contribute to your overall plan.

With or without a back?

In your overall plan, who might sit there in the future. The bar stool might not be the first choice when people sit, so think about who might go for it. If there is a nice view, and that is the main point of having a bar stool, then maybe having a backrest would be best. It allows the person to sit back and relax. However, if the location is very hot, having a backless bar stool might be good as well. There are many types of back and backless bar stools, having a style in mind is no problem. Think about the people you are expecting, and make your judgement based on what might be convenient for them.

The kind that swivels or the kind that stays put?

Another major distinction between the different kinds of bar stools are whether they swivel or not. Swivelling barstools are best for crowded places and when mounted on the floor. Since the chair cannot be moved, a swivel aids in getting on and off quickly. The downside of the swivel stool is when people or children get too playful with them, accidents may occur.

There is no one design that perfectly fits all situations,so assessing your needs properly is the best way to find the bar stool that seamlessly fits in your space. Be it in the corner of your restaurant or under the bar, there are many kinds of bar stools that can make a difference to your overall seating plan.

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