How Can an Employer Thank Their Staff

A happy workforce is a motivated and productive workforce. It can be easy for management and owners to forget to show their employees their appreciation for all their hard work. When saying thank you to members of staff, it is essential to do it in a way that is meaningful to them. Management does not want to seem just to be handing out empty platitudes and coming across as insincere.

Employers may want to thank staff but don’t know how to go about it. A working relationship is sometimes built on everyone doing their jobs effectively, and the human touch can get lost in a busy workplace. There are some great ways to thank and motivate staff, so both employees and management enjoy a good relationship. Sometimes it is the more unusual methods that can get great results.

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Hand Out Gym Passes

Keeping fit is a big part of many people’s lives. Working for most of the week and then having to pay for gym fees can be a barrier for employees. Giving out gym memberships may be too costly, but how about giving out complimentary gym passes every so often to say thanks?

A local gym may even be happy to give them to you for free as they’ll have the chance to sign up for the employees who go for a workout. Staff with good physical and mental health will be happier and more productive.

Give (Some) Extra Holidays

Staff may love their jobs, enjoying coming in every morning to chat with their colleagues and get stuck into their work. However, they also have lives outside of the office. Hobbies, family, friends, pets, and other aspects of their lives are also important. 

A business owner allowing some unexpected time off in addition to their regular holidays may see their grateful employee become even more productive than they already were.

Make Them Part of the Company

Even the most devoted employee still knows the company ultimately belongs to someone else. By utilizing an employee share plan, an owner gives their staff business shares in their company. 

An owner giving away part of their business to their employees can show they want their staff to be part of the company journey. Employees will know that they will directly benefit from the success of the company, giving them extra motivation to make the business more successful.

Praise Them in Public

It doesn’t always have to cost money when making staff feel appreciated. If someone has done particularly good work, then send an email around the team about the project and mention that person as having gone over and above. If they are sitting among their peers in the office or canteen, then thank them in front of colleagues. Everyone likes to feel appreciated and know they’ve done an excellent job.

Final Thoughts

Every business wants to have motivated staff who are happy in their work. Reduced staff turnover, higher profits, and a positive working atmosphere are just some of the benefits. Whether you choose to make staff feel valued by giving them shares to include them in the company’s future growth, or if you only plan to say thanks more, it’s a good idea to let staff see your appreciation.

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