Google Apps Vs Office 365: Which is Better for Business?

We have come so far technologically. The good news is that forward-thinking entrepreneurs see the merit in modern technologies for business services. For instance, they know the benefits of cloud computing, cloud-based productivity tools mainly. However, we have Google Apps and Office 365 by Microsoft, which are considered two of the best cloud productivity suites. Although at the core, they provide the same functionality, they do have certain features and qualities that set them apart. So, which of these is the best option for your business? Let’s find out.


Google Apps Programs

Just like a digital marketing tool or secure VPN service, Google charges for its apps according to your storage and email requirements. Here are some of the basic apps/features you get with the service:

  • 1 TB of free storage per user, as long as there are 4 users or less in the company that’s subscribed.
  • Google Docs: One of the most widely recognized Google apps which allows you to collaborate (create, edit, or share files) with other users in real-time. 
  • Sheets: Standard spreadsheet app that allows you to create and edit files, along with the option of downloading them in xlsl format.
  • Google Drive: Cloud storage app with provision for creating folders, file sharing, downloading, etc.
  • Google Calendar: Lets you create events and share them with others.

You can subscribe to Google Apps for work at $5 per user, per month. If you want unlimited storage and Google Vault, then it will set you back by $10 a month a user.

If you are looking for simplicity, then Google Apps are for you. They are easy to work with and offer all the basic tools you need. However, if you a large business then you might find the products bland or scaled down. The fact that you can only use the apps when you are online doesn’t help with the case either. However, for small businesses, Google apps may do just fine, mainly because of the low prices.

Office 365 Programs

MS Office comes in different versions, of which Office 365 is the most popular. It comes packed with the following programs/features:

  • OneDrive Storage: Online backup/repository app that gives you 1TB of storage.
  • Excel: A comprehensive spreadsheet app with all the essential tools.
  • Word: Editing program with several collaborative features.
  • Outlook: A friendly email client and manager bundled into one.
  • OneNote plus: Note-taking app with multi-user collaboration features.
  • Publisher: Publishing app with several features for page layout customization, design, etc.
  • Mobile versions of all the above-mentioned apps.

When it comes to pricing, Microsoft comes off as an expensive option, with its monthly subscription fee set at $9.99, and a yearly fee at $99. Since you can’t 100% rely on its own antivirus and firewall systems for online security, you also need to pay for a good Internet security software, other custom enterprise-level programs, etc. which add to your overall expenditure. 

Although Office 365 can be expensive, for many the price is entirely justified. The company has been polishing its products for a long time, and it reflects in the user experience. There are so many templates in the Office programs that can make your job much easier. Plus, Microsoft provides the Office Suite for computers, (both PCs and Macs) too. With a single Office 365 license, you can install your Office Apps on up to 5 computers and smartphones. 


It all boils down to this – if you are looking for a refined suite of tools that provide something additional to the basics, then Office 365 is what you should zero in on. If you want offline support, then again Office 365 is the one for you. However, if for the most part, you need to work on simple documents only and strictly online access is not a problem, then Google Apps will do just fine.

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