Gift Ideas to Reward Your Employees in 2020

Employees have worked hard. They’ve worked through a global crisis, and they’re still with you. Showing your appreciation for this year is more important than any that came before. They haven’t just shown up to work; they have helped you survive, period. Without them, you wouldn’t be a business today, and with even the biggest giants that took up residence in our malls and on our main shopping streets going out of business, it is easy to imagine. 


You can’t host a big party. You may not even be able to get them all together in one room for the foreseeable future, but with these social distance-approved methods, you can reward your employees and show them just how much they mean to you. 

Restaurant Gift Card 

Typically you would either host a party or, at the very least, take your team out to dinner to celebrate a year well-done. With a different approach, you can still do this. Go to, and you can choose a restaurant or, better yet, a gift card from Uber Eats or Deliveroo for your team to use to buy a great meal for themselves and have it delivered right to their door. This way, you can have an incredible team lunch to celebrate without the hassle of dealing with delivery limits from one single restaurant. 

Gift Basket 

A gift basket is another great gift that you can provide to your employees, and it can be sent directly to their door. Christmas-themed gift baskets can be very budget-friendly if you put them together yourself and make use of bulk discounts. Add decorations, Christmas-scented candles, and a variety of treats. 

Tip: Make sure you have a list of their dietary requirements beforehand, so you can send treats your employee and their family will actually be able to eat. 

Coffee Sleeves

This is for all of the coffee-lovers on your team. Gift them a stylish and functional Sok-It that keeps their iced coffee cold and their hands protected from extreme heat on the go. For cold beverages, JavaSok prevents puddles so you can avoid a mess on your desk. And for hot drinks, HotSok is insulated to prevent you from burning your hands and stays put unlike wasteful cardboard wraps that tend to fall down on the job. Sok-It is reusable coffee sleeves are easily packable, and come in a variety of different colors and patterns. All designed to give you or someone you care about, a better to-go experience. Drinking coffee never looked so good!

Organize Mini Trips Away 

You can’t host a huge company trip away, but it isn’t beyond reason to organize short trips for each employee right at home. You could offer a spa afternoon voucher or book your employees a stay at a nearby Airbnb just to give them that much-needed escape from their daily lives that your company trip would have provided. It doesn’t help much with team building, but it does mean that your employees can share their own experience with each other later on and still feel like they are part of one cohesive unit. 

Let Them Choose 

If you are really strapped, offer a few benefits. Extra unpaid days off, a gift, or coverage for a training experience for an example. Because they can choose, they will automatically be much more grateful no matter how small the benefit you are offering is. 

Work With Them to Reward Appropriately 

Above all else, work with them. Your employees know that your revenue is tight, and the money you have to treat your employees will be limited. By working with them, you can come up with a great compromise on almost anything. It is the effort you go through to reward them and congratulate them on hard work that will matter the most. 

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