8 Affordable Gift Ideas for your CEO (IN 2020)

Buying a gift for your CEO has always been a notoriously tricky thing to do. 

It’s a balancing act, go too cheap or just wrap a thoughtless gift, and you run the chance of them remembering you for all the wrong reasons.

Go too expensive and you run the risk of looking like you’re trying too hard, or even worse, your colleagues will think you’re sucking up to the boss! Not the desired result.


Either way, you lose!

You have to find the perfect balance, a meaningful, not overly personal, inexpensive, but memorable gift.

Get it right, and your boss will remember who made an effort.

Here’s a list that’s kind to your wallet and takes the stress out of finding the perfect gift.

1. A Portable Espresso Maker 

Is your boss a coffee lover? Are you one? I know I am, and I’d love this gift.

If they are, then a portable espresso maker is the gift that will feed their love for coffee and put a relaxing smile on their face whenever they use it, which will probably be every morning.

You could go that little bit further without crossing the line and add a 3-month coffee club subscription. Christmas bonus, anyone!

2. The Coffee Club Subscription

Wrap up that coffee maker with this 3-month subscription starter pack. 

Your boss can pick their roasting preferences and receive variations form all over the world. What’s even better, you can’t buy these brands in-store as they’re sourced directly from the country’s local suppliers, and they’re all sustainably farmed. 

Seriously, could you find a better-balanced gift? A bit like a great cup of coffee!

3. Wine Club Membership 

Perhaps your boss has a love for the grape and not the bean; this is where a beautiful bottle of wine or even a  wine club membership subscription could hit the spot.

Just as with the coffee club, your boss can choose the variety and region. New members also receive extra gifts like introductory discounts and wine tasting glasses.

So, feed their love for wine, and perhaps they’ll even share a glass with you.

4. Sweet Treat Tower

If they don`t like coffee or wine, then perhaps they have a sweet tooth!

You’ll hit another home run by giving your boss a sweet treat tower, especially if you know they have a sweet tooth. You’re covering your bases as there’s a large variety of flavors for your boss to taste. And If they don’t have a sweet tooth, you could choose from savory or the fruit baskets selections.

5. Personalized Stationery

Moving away from your boss’s love for wine, coffee, or sweets and into something that’s a little more office-related.

Perhaps your CEO is a little more old-school, one that appreciates the written word rather than the typed. This is where a set of personalized stationery would be a great gift. You could buy colored writing paper, printed with their name on, and in a font that suits their personality, then add envelopes to match. 

6. A Personalized Gym Bag

If your boss is an avid gym-goer, then a more practical gift might hit the mark.

We all love a good bag, and chances are if your CEO does go to the gym, they’ll appreciate a functional and practical gift. You can choose a bag that suits their style and then personalize it by having their initials, name, or an appropriate symbol stitched onto it. How could they not love it!

7. Custom Yoga Mat 

Keeping with the fitness vibe, maybe your CEO’s into yoga.

If so, they probably already have a yoga mat, but do they have a personalized one?

For those who do yoga (me included), a high-quality mat is something we can’t do without. Make that a high-quality customized yoga mat, and you’ll be in line for a promotion. Think about it; every time they do the downward-facing dog, they’ll think of you!

8. Wireless Charging Pad

We couldn’t have a gift list without something tech on it.

A tech gift is a right choice if your CEO isn’t the type you give a personalized gift. Charging pads are both an impersonal and convenient option, as who doesn’t need a charger?  

And if they already have one, then expect to see it recirculating as a gift for one of your fellow employees come Christmas time. Hey, at least your boss will remember you saved them the time of having to buy a gift!


You see, buying your CEO a gift doesn`t have to fill you with fear, instead see it as an opportunity. One where you show them that you`re the kind of person that goes the extra mile. 

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