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The big world of the internet is home to tens of thousands of data (read more). It had become a major source of information regarding many things—jobs, businesses, news, and education. The internet helps build careers and businesses from scratch. As long as you know where and how to access certain information, you are good to go. One such venture is the consulting business.

The word “consultant” automatically sparks an image of a person in an impeccable corporate attire, sitting on a revolving chair inside a large office. Backed with his Ivy League diploma in business, he or she works for a huge business mogul that owns half of the world’s stock market.

Well, that is not quite what a consulting career entails and looks like.

What Does A Consultant Do?

A consultant can be referred to as a “problem solver” in a specific field. They give expert and professional advice on their field of expertise. They can render their services to a person, an organization, or a company willing to pay to get their expert advice.

The beauty of being a consultant is that it is not limited to people with MBA degrees. Having a degree can be beneficial, but it is not a requirement. You can start a consulting career based on the field you have already worked in; a field where you already have broad knowledge and experience.

Another way to kick-start your consulting business is through the help of a consulting accelerator by Sam Ovens. Sam is a successful entrepreneur that has produced over millions of full-time consultants. He offers a 6-week program where he teaches you the ins and outs of starting a consulting career.

Consultants often work in law firms, accounting, medicine, and marketing fields. They can fall into one of the three categories of consulting work.

  • Management consultants – are those who focus on helping organizations improve their leadership, business operations, and overall performance. Enterprises may hire them to use their expertise involving business strategies and other industry-focused problems or issues.
  • Corporate consultants – are people who offer their services to the corporate world such as IT, software, and other technology-based industry. They have a wide set of work coverage that focuses on helping a company achieve its set of goals. They can do this by recommending systems to increase a company’s revenue or implement personnel analysis.
  • Independent consultant – are self-employed consultants that do not work for a consulting firm or company. They can market their field of expertise on the internet and work for several companies at a time.

The Perks Of Being A Consultant

1.   Doing what you love

One benefit of being a consultant is to be able to choose a field you are passionate about. You get to actually enjoy work and make a profit out of it. How many employees can say that in their entire working career?

2.   Flexible

flexible timing

Consultants are self-employed workers who can work from home at any time of the day. With the internet at their disposal, they can telecommute and do everything on the internet such as video conferences and meetings.

Sometimes, they are given the chance to travel to other countries to meet with clients—a luxury that an 8 to 5 job can never give. They have flexible working hours which means a good work-life balance. Read more about it here:

Aside from this, you can also get the luxury of choosing your preferred client. You can’t get stuck working with a disagreeable supervisor or manager.

3.   Unlimited learning

A consulting career allows you to leverage years of knowledge, wisdom, and ideas to good use. You get to work with different companies that employ different kinds of people. Being exposed to different organizational problems allows you to expand your knowledge and skills. Thus, making room for professional growth.

Developing new strategies or solutions and crafting new ideas is also a way to widen your clientele and make your name known in the consulting industry. Also, being an expert in a specific field requires you to be updated on the latest news and trends.

4.   Job security

Being self-employed saves you a lot of trouble during economic crises or recessions. You can thrive amid economic fluctuations and not worry about the oncoming pink slip. It also allows you to reap all the benefits of your hard work and competence. 

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