Tips to Make Email Marketing Easier and More Effective

It’s possible to make your email marketing easier and start improving customer engagement.

Email marketing can be a great tool for businesses, but for many, it can just be another thing to manage. Whether the reason is a small marketing department or limited money to invest in email software — it can be a tactic that easily falls to the wayside.

Luckily, there are ways for even the smallest companies and budgets to utilize email marketing to improve communication with their customers. From integrating mail merging into GMail to improving the content of emails, there are ways to make email easier and more effective for your business.

These emails are often sent from a  no-reply email address and they’re well- received by customers because transactional emails provide them with important information.” Instead of this “Often, these emails are well received by customers because it provides them with information they want or need.”

In this article, we’ll look at a few simple changes you can make to improve your email marketing strategy.

Here’s a quick look at the topics we’ll cover:

  • How you can easily reach a larger email audience
  • How using a variety of different email types can make things easier
  • Why you should be testing your emails for future improvements
The goal of your email marketing should be to reach as many of the right customers as possible. Having the right tools can make this possible and save you time in the long run. Image courtesy of Pixabay.

Reach Larger Audiences Easier

One of the benefits of email marketing is that you can reach a large group of customers quickly. For many companies, finding a way to reach a segment and reach larger audience groups can be challenging, but is an important step in email marketing.

Having the ability to reach the right customers for the right campaigns will help set you up for success. While it can be costly to invest in marketing automation and segmentation platforms, mail merge solutions can be a great solution. 

Mail merge will help you to send emails to a large group of customers from your existing spreadsheets. It allows you to merge a select list of customers and easily upload their contact information into a campaign. From there, you can schedule automatic follow-up emails to keep the conversation going.

The best part about it? Working with a partner like GMass, you can connect Google Sheets to make the sending process even easier. That means you no longer need to mess around with uploading multiple spreadsheets and importing it into Gmail — everything is already connected.

Just choose the sheets you want to upload and hit send. Mail merge options are a great solution for companies looking to expand their mass email marketing campaigns while working with their current process.

variety email

Use a little variety in your email marketing! This will help you provide your customers with more of what they want and make it easier for you by setting them to send based on behaviors or triggers.

Use a Variety of Email Types

While this may sound like it’s creating more work for you, it will actually make things easier over time. That’s because using a variety of different email types can help you better react to what your customers need. Many of these emails can be set up to automatically send based on an action or trigger — meaning you don’t need to do anything once the signal is in place.

Let’s take a look at 2 different types of email types that your company could benefit from.

Automated Marketing Email Campaigns

These can include campaigns that focus on welcoming new customers, re-engaging inactive customers, or retaining customers who are about to churn. Each of these types of email campaigns can be set up to automatically enroll customers based on their behaviors.

For example, if a customer recently subscribed to your email list they would then be enrolled in your welcome campaign. Whereas if a customer has been inactive for 60 days, they may be enrolled in a re-engagement campaign to try and win back their business.

Transactional Marketing Emails

Transactional emails follow a similar process as the automated campaigns but are based on a specific trigger. This means that a customer must do something specific to receive one of these emails. Often, these emails are well received by customers because it provides them with information they want or need.

Here are a few examples of transactional emails:

  • Order confirmations
  • Shipping and delivery notifications
  • Appointment reminders
  • Password or account setting notifications

Both types of emails are great ways to frequently communicate and retain customers. Once you have them set up, they can save you time by automatically sending messages to the appropriate customers.


Don’t forget to learn from what emails your customers are already engaging with. Use testing to learn more about their behaviors and actions to improve future emails.

Don’t Forget to Test Them

Last but not least, testing emails and knowing the metrics can help you improve your future emails.

Testing emails and reviewing monthly metrics is important to improving your email marketing. As you learn more about what your customers engage with and what they don’t, you’ll be able to incorporate this information into your future emails.

With the information you can learn from testing emails, you will no longer have to waste time creating campaigns that won’t convert.

Improving conversion rates among your current customers is important because it’s much cheaper to retain current customers than attract new ones. Providing your current customers with the information they want will make your emails more effective and increase engagement across the board.

Testing is another one of those things that may take some time to invest in and understand what the data says — but the knowledge you’ll take away from it will provide you with long term benefits.


Don’t let email marketing bring you down. With the right email marketing tools, your email strategy can be simple and effective.

Start Focusing on the Right Email Marketing Tools

Email marketing shouldn’t feel like just another chore you need to check off your list. When done right, it can be an extremely effective solution that can improve customer engagement and boost sales.

Using these tips will help you save time and start reaching out to your customers easier and in a more effective manner. Having a way to reach a large group of customers, providing them with the types of emails they need, and knowing what they want will vastly improve your email marketing.

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