Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone Gets Easier Eventually

Getting out of your comfort zone is one of the scariest things that you have to do, but it is also one of the most crucial things that help you advance in your life and career. Everyone is afraid of leaving their comfort zone because the big bad world out there is scary and the comfort zone we are cooped up in is cozy and comfortable.

What we don’t realize or don’t want to accept – when starting out – is that we learn things when we find courage enough to step out of our comfort zones. You have to let go of your life you’re so familiar with. You have to learn to take risks in order to live the life that you have always dreamed about.


When you dream of something big – usually big dreams are what demand you to step out of your cozy bubble – you will often have to do things that make you uncomfortable, that scare you. 

The scary feeling, the fear, the hesitation are all there to save you from doing things, for self-preservation. Our feelings don’t understand the difference between risks and calculated risks. This is when you have to jump in and take the plunge even if you are scared to do it.

The nerves don’t mean that those things are bad, chances are that they won’t be as difficult as you think, you are just nervous to do something new, something out of the ordinary. Truth be told, some level of fear and anxiety really is important for us to keep moving forward.

To make progress, doing things that take us out of our comfort zone is a way to have those feelings propelling us forwards. You need to learn to use anything that holds you back to your advantage. Sometimes it is easier to let negative feelings motivate you than trying to fight them.

Change is the only constant. How many times have we heard this and how many times have we actually accepted it? If things haven’t been working for you up until now, if your methods aren’t bringing you the result you want, then you have nothing to lose by trying something new. 

It is a simple equation really, to achieve something new, you have to do something that you have never done before. You can’t keep getting different results through the same procedure. Take the first step, because taking the first step is usually the hardest. 

Dabble your toe into the sea, if you still feel scared out of your minds then you can always return to your safe space. It’s okay to stop but as long as you keep trying to get out there, you are good to go. 

Final Thoughts

As you start putting yourself out there more and more, as you start fighting your fear, it will start getting easier. You will gain self-confidence and eliminate fear by venturing out of your comfort zone. These things don’t only put you on the path of success but they also help you grow as a person.
Sp, the next time you have to do something uncomfortable to achieve something you want, it won’t be as difficult as the first time. The reason is simple, practice makes perfect, like everything else, doing this over and over will get you used to the push. And also, because now you know what the sense of achievement that follows the fear feels like, you will see that it is totally worth doing it.

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