Why Cloud Hosting Is More Secure Than Other Traditional Hosting Services

Cloud hosting

Ever since Cloud Hosting has been introduced as a faster, safer and more efficient alternative to the traditional hosting plans, there have been a few myths surrounding the security of data in the cloud. Some such myths are:

  • The cloud is not safe
  • It is easier to attack
  • The data is accessible to everyone
  • You don’t have control over the data
  • Your data can be misused, and many more.

While the apprehension of website owners is understandable, considering that Cloud technology promises to offer much more than what the traditional systems did, the fact is that all these myths are baseless. Cloud Hosting is without an element of doubt, more secure than the traditional systems. In this article, we will look at major features of Cloud Hosting which will debunk these myths.

Data can be exposed to two major types of risks; cyber-attacks and data getting corrupted.

Cyber-attacks are probably the worst nightmares of any website owner. Cloud Hosting providers employ the best experts in the industry and the latest tools like SiteLock to ensure that these attacks are kept at bay. Regular updates of the security tools and proactive testing of databases to find loopholes ensure that they stay a step ahead of the cyber-miscreants at all times. They also ensure that your data is encrypted so that only people with authorized access can view/edit the data.

To counter data corruption issues, Cloud Hosting providers resort to a good storage architecture (like Ceph Storage). This ensures that in case of any disaster, you don’t lose your valuable data.

Finally, talking about backups, be it a cyber-attack or a natural disaster or the data getting corrupt due to any other reason, the hosting providers ensure that your data is automatically backed-up every day so that you don’t lose your valuable data in any eventuality. Although it is recommended that you create backups for your website yourself, the backups taken by the host can work as an additional safety net for you.

All this at a price proportional to the resources used by you make Cloud Hosting not just more secure but also a more cost-efficient option for your hosting needs.

Before you go

In order to get the most out of the security features, you must ensure that you do thorough research and look at plans offered by different Cloud Hosting service providers before making a decision. Any provider who has data centers with a state-of-the-art HVAC infrastructure with latest networking switches and hardware and dedicated security experts can ensure that your website will work efficiently on the Cloud.

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