Four Cost-Effective Employee Perks Young Professionals Adore

Young professionals are the kind of employees that need to be positively motivated in order to produce their best work. If you treat them with respect then you will find that they will succeed at the majority of tasks that you give them.

But you don’t need to break the bank in order to make your workers happy. Instead, its time for you to think of employee perks that show that you value them and the skills they provide to your workforce. Here are the top 4 cost-effective employee perks that can show your employees just how much you care!

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Additional Holidays

The top employee assistance programme companies, like LifeWorks, know that the best way to motivate your employees is by giving them time to rest. Whilst you do not have to give away extra holidays for every successful project, you can use them as an incentive to have young professionals put all of their effort into a difficult project. If the project is successful then you can give them as many days as they need to help them unwind.

It’s important that they maintain a good work life balance. After all, if you work people too hard without reward you will find that they do not respond well to new tasks. Show that you trust them! You may even want to consider letting them operate a more flexible working schedule to ensure that they are in the perfect work environment at all times. 

Lectures & Conferences

If your young professionals are extremely passionate about their work, why not encourage their interest by rewarding them with a trip to a work conference or lecture? These events are perfect for giving them time away from the office, whilst also providing them with the most recent information about their subject speciality.

Such gifts can be extremely rewarding. After all, your employee is learning the latest information in their trade – and this can be used to help your business and keep your staff motivated.

Product Discounts

No matter what sort of business you run, your employees will appreciate any discounts that you make for them. That means that any new products arriving in the market can be purchased by them for a lower price. 

This can be the perfect incentive to keep your employees happy, especially if you are able to offer further discounts during seasonal periods. If you think one of your workers is doing extremely well, you can either give them additional discounts or provide them with products for free. It’s entirely up to you!

Free Food and Drinks

Of course, you want to keep your costs down, but you also need to think about what will also make your workers happy. It’s the small things that count. So, if you have a kitchen, or a cafeteria, why not pay for their daily food costs? 

They will appreciate free breakfasts, or snacks and drinks that will keep them going during the working day. If you have a meeting then you can even leave snacks out for the workers involved. (Maybe even mix things up a bit and order in fast food if you want to have a celebration!) The choices are endless.

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