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With the exploding growth of the tech sector, many people are asking themselves if it is time to consider retraining for a job in the tech sector.  College’s are churning out graduates with degrees such as computer science, information technology, and programming at an unprecedented rate. Still, it is barely keeping up with the demand for this fast-growing industry. 

What is Driving this Explosive Growth?

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The economy itself is experiencing rapid expansion, and growth technology is a classic chicken or egg scenario.  Is technology growing so fast as a result of a booming economy, or is the growth in the technology driving economic growth?  The answer is both. In 2019, the technology sector is second only to renewable energy in terms of growth. This growth helps spur confidence in an economy that is thriving, and a thriving economy sets the stage for further expansion of the tech sector. 

Emerging Careers in Technology

Whether you are a college student or have been in the work-force for years, here are some options you may not have even heard of yet. 

  • Deep Learning Architect:  Even the name sounds interesting.  Deep learning is a subset of machine learning in AI (artificial intelligence).  Big data, such as what is generated by internet search engines and social media is so vast it would take humans decades to search and extract relevant information.  Businesses realize the value contained in this data and are searching for ways to mine it for their own purposes. Deep Learning Architects learn to use AI tools and algorithms to provide a way to harvest data and extract whatever data the company deems relevant.  With an average annual salary of over $200,000 this exciting new frontier is starting to garner attention.
  • 5G Solutions Engineer:  Telecommunication engineers are pushing the envelope again with the next generation of mobile broadband.  The speeds are said to be twenty times faster than 4G. 5G Solutions Engineers will be in demand to create networks that will include a lot more than just our cell phones.  Think of all the other devices now controlled via wi-fi like thermostats and lighting. This career also has an annual salary approaching $200,000.  
  • Geospatial Software Engineer:  If you have no idea what that even means, don’t feel alone. Most people not directly related to the industry have no idea what a Geospatial Software Engineer does.  The surprising answer is drones. Drones are becoming more widely used in commercial applications, as well as the understood military and personal use. These designers use both new and developing technology to create complex interconnected geographic information.  They are what make drones able to carry out automated tasks like crop dusting and missile launching.  
  • Business Intelligence Developer:  This new career is all about studying and analyzing data. They are tasked with designing cloud-based data systems.  Evisort is one exciting new example. It is an AI-driven, cloud-based, contract management software. Business Intelligence Developers help companies implement tools like Evisort software cloud-based, but use AI technology to support and follow the contract throughout its’ life cycle. These developers need at least a bachelors degree, and starting salaries average approximately $75,000 per year.  This career is finding a foothold among all types of major corporations who are finding technology as the solution to more than just data storage. Business Intelligence Developers are helping companies find innovative ways to track, manage and even use their data in ways they have not in the past. If you have any interest, you’ll want to visit

For every new technology that gains a foothold in our economy and our everyday lives, new career opportunities crop up around it.  After all, technology has become a frontier where creativity meets science. If you are an analytical type person who is also wildly creative, you may just find your niche in one of the above careers.  

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