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The idea of expansion is what drives us to learn and do more. This proves to especially be the case when it comes to the rise and growth of technology in companies. Regardless of the service or product companies strive to gain the attention and ultimately the loyalty of potential consumers and customers primarily through the means of advertisement. With so many different advertorial methods now available to businesses, it can at times be difficult to determine which route is more effective. Both traditional and email marketing methods play a certain significance. Even mobile marketing has become a stable method of reaching potential consumers. With technological expansion, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to consider new forms of untapped strategies.

According to, “Since its invention, video has been a powerful medium for brands to reach customers. Now, brands are shooting videos from drones to give product and marketing videos a professional aerial touch. Cirque du Soleil recently teamed up with Swiss university ETC Zurich to produce a short video called “Sparked” that was filmed using drones. The storyline follows an electrician whose workshop springs to life. The plot is simple, but the visuals are stunning.” This is certainly a more flamboyant, yet effective method of getting a particular product or service out there in the open. Despite the Federal Aviation Administration prohibiting drones for commercial use, enforcement hasn’t been entirely rigid regarding the issue. Marketers are pushing the boundaries when it comes to this topic. Specifically, high-end real estate developers are leading the way by promoting their luxury properties with videos shot from drones. “Nine times out of 10, the videos are more attractive than what a [videographer] can do on the ground,” Matthew Leone, digital marketing lead at Halstead Property, tells AdWeek. “Drones are a no-brainer.”

Drones aside, a more surreal approach has been taken particularly by real estate developers. Real estate developers grabbing their customers’ attention using virtual reality, a technology that’s” emerging from Sci-Fi imagination to the real world.” An example of such is Floored, a New York-based graphics startup that creates 3D and virtual reality demos for real estate brokers and developers, according to Re/code. These demos provide buyers who happen to be looking to spend seven-plus figures on a fashionable condo in Miami or the Upper West Side the ability to experience the space before it’s even built according to Assuming this is adaptable to various applications of advertisement; it is a step up in commercial media everywhere. Floored also partnered with a New York development company to offer virtual reality tours of a planned development on the West Side of Manhattan. The experience is designed to takes users on 3D video trips on computers. These are supposedly virtual tours of property that doesn’t even exist yet.

With all of these advancements in advertisement, it goes without saying repairs can tend to be a little pricey. Even with something more basic, such as 3D printing, repairs can be a hassle. Considering how costly these repairs can be you’ll want reliable services. It’s recommended you seek aid from reputable places. Research places you’re considering and see what they specialize in.

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