Features And Benefits Of A Freezable Glass Bong

Freezable Glass Bong

Smoking is a pastime hobby of people across the world. It is linked to various cultures, ethnicities, and diverse geographical regions. A bong is a smoke sieving apparatus that is quite popular. The word has been derived from the culture of Thailand. Its original etymology is “Baung,” a tube or pipe made of Bamboo. Nowadays, various ranges of artistic and durable smoking accessories are sold in the market that helps in consuming cannabis or tobacco. Some of them are even freezable and are referred to as freeze bong. They provide cool and filtered smoke to an individual, different from harsh smoking; hence, all prefer it. The different attributes of a freezable glass bong are discussed in this article.

Essential Features To Consider

 1. Material

These smoking accessories can be made of plastic and glass. Hemper glass bongs are better than the former as they do not release toxicants on heating. As the name suggests, these tools are made up of glass with boron and silicon. This glass is highly durable and can withstand the heat generated when tobacco or cannabis is combusted. It increases the overall shelf life of the smoking tool.

2. Structure

The basic structure of a freezable glass bong consists of a bowl on which the combustive material is kept. An air inlet and an air outlet are located on its stem, and water is poured below the bowl. When air is guided upwards through the stem due to the effect of bubbles formed in water, it is called a bubbler. A small hole is present beneath the device. This hole allows fresh external air to enter the device and aid in powerful combustion. A coil filled with glycerine is inserted within the apparatus of the tool.

The Benefits

This smoking accessory comes with many benefits. Here are the major ones.

1. Safety

Plastic smoking tools release toxic chemicals when a substance is heated on them, thereby generating poisonous smoke. Glass bongs, on the other hand, maintain the chemical structure of the apparatus and smoke even when exposed to heat. Therefore these are safe to use.

 2.  Durable

Glass bongs are made from highly durable and rigid glass capable of withstanding heat exposure to a great extent. This increases the overall shelf life of the product.

 3. Filter

The glass tools have a space to insert water. The water filter acts as a resistance barrier and a filter from large particles that would’ve otherwise entered the respiratory system.

 4.  Freezable

The freeze bong provides cool smoke using refrigeration of non-toxic glycerine coiling. This ensures that the user gets cool smoke without using ice.

 5.  Easy to use

The product is easy to handle and can be used even by amateur smokers with little knowledge.

 6. Portable

Unlike hookah, freezable glass is portable. Hence, it can be carried around with ease.

 How Does It Work?

While using this tool, it is necessary to know about its working. Firstly, the substance to be smoked is kept in the bowl, and water is inserted below the bong. Then the substance is combusted. Gradually, heat generates, due to which the water below starts boiling and forms bubbles. As a result, smoke is formed, which is then drawn through the stem by the oral cavity and into the lungs. The apparatus with the frozen coil is kept in the refrigerator for 15-20 minutes to get a cool smoke. It ensures that the user gets cool smoke without using ice.


Freezable glass bongs are highly efficient when talking about cool and filtered smoke. It is less abrasive and is not harsh like other smoking apparatuses. So if you have been thinking of buying a new smoking tool, choose one that is freezable and made of glass. You won’t regret it at all!.

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