How to Boost Your Mood with Glass Partitions

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, one in ten Americans reported having a mood disorder in the past 12 months.

Mental health issues prevail in younger people aged between 18 and 44—the most productive and economically active population.

And that is hardly a coincidence.

Although the US economy is unlikely to slide into recession in the coming months, we’re seeing rising inflation rates and a 115% increase in job cuts—specifically, in the technology and retail sectors.

Add the $1.75 trillion student debt, the median home price of $431,000, and the average monthly health insurance plan cost between $374 and $480 for the target age group, and you’ll get a recipe for disaster.

To improve mental well-being, young Americans lean into the comfort of spiritual practices, sports, and counseling. They also take notes from Northern Europeans, particularly the Danish, who customarily top different lists of the happiest nations in the world.

What is it that Scandinavians get right about happiness that Americans don’t?

We would personally highlight minimalistic and well-thought-out interior designs characterized by an abundance of light, natural materials, and muted colors.

Here’s why:

Hybrid and remote work arrangements are here to stay.

Hybrid and remote work arrangements are here to stay.

Living alone has become a luxury for the middle-aged due to the extraordinarily expensive rent

These and many other factors prompt us to pay more attention to our interiors, turning our homes into a safe harbor where we can work and recreate effectively. When tailored to your needs and preferences, interior design can also improve your mental well-being and give you a much-needed productivity boost.

In this article, we’ll zoom in on glass partitions role in crafting interior designs that have a calming effect on our mind and body and help maintain focus.

3 Ways to Incorporate Glass Walls into Home Interiors for Improved Mood and Productivity

Here are several ways you could use glass walls in your home for your mental health’s benefit:

Natural light improves your mood, helps combat drowsiness during the day, and gives you energy to get things done, whether for work or just around the house. Unfortunately, not many of us have the luxury of large windows and skylights. Here’s where stylish partitions made of transparent glass come in useful. You could knock down solid interior partitions and install glass dividers instead, allowing natural light to fill spaces. You could replace wooden and plastic doors with glass ones, choosing between swinging or sliding doors based on your floor layout. Either way, your house will be brightly lit, even on gloomy winter days. Additionally, you can expect a 60% reduction in your energy bill.

Numerous researchers have studied the impact messy, cluttered homes have on their inhabitants’ mental health. Their findings are not encouraging. It turns out that people who live in such homes are more subject to stress and anxiety and tend to have shorter “working memory,” meaning they can’t recall what items they wanted to buy while shopping or follow even the most basic instructions effectively. While glass room dividers aren’t a silver-bullet solution for mess-makers, they can surely help bring some order and clarity into our homes. First, they can separate your working space from the rest of the house while reducing the amount of dust on your shiny charcoal gray table and laptop. Second, you could combine partitions with smart storage solutions, keeping your space organized. And even if the number of items in your house remains the same, glass walls take up less space than solid partitions and make your rooms look bigger than they actually are. All of this can impact your mood and productivity positively.

Creating quiet spaces. In case you didn’t know, our brain uses the same parts to process sounds and emotions. That is why you get goosebumps from some songs and want to break into your best dance moves when you hear others. But sounds can also be distracting, especially if you’re trying to write your thesis while your flatmates are having a party in the living room. Once again, glass dividers come to the rescue! Depending on the type and thickness of glass, partitions can reduce surrounding noise by 90–95%. This alone can alleviate stress, anxiety, and depression, and even reduce certain physical symptoms associated with noise pollution, such as persistent headaches and fatigue.

As you can see, it’s hard to underestimate glass wall’s role in modern interior design. And their benefits do not end here.

Coming in various shapes and sizes, dividers seamlessly blend into any interior, complementing wooden panels, curtains, and blinds. They won’t look out of place in a penthouse or a cottage, either. And they’re affordable and easy to keep clean, too.

So, if you’ve been struggling with mental health issues, not knowing what caused them, think about the way your living space is organized. After all, scientists have long established the link between our well-being and the environment.

The last thing on your to-do list is finding a reliable glass wall company and taking precise measurements of your house to make sure the dividers fit perfectly into your interior. Just get the ball rolling!