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Since the iPad’s release, entrepreneurs have gained unique tools to maintain and expand their business while on the go.  This is thanks to the iPad’s app store, which currently provides users with access to over 200,000 applications.  As the marketplace grows, business owners are provided with new tools to help them save money and control their day to day operations even while they’re away from the office.  There are, however, a few essential iPad apps for small businesses that every entrepreneur should utilize as part of their mobile office.  These apps can assist with a variety of functions, from communication to presenting business expansion ideas.



This incredible program is among the essential iPad apps for small businesses because it provides small business owners with a unique method to collaborate in real time with colleagues, business partners and clients.  WebEx allows you to host web conferences anytime, anywhere right from your iPad.  Streaming video allows you to connect with several individuals simultaneously.  You can then discuss proposals, share applications or even give a real time presentation right from your iPad.  Best of all, this app is free for all iPad users.



A trusted name in presentation design is now among the essential iPad apps for small businesses.  Keynote allows you to easily and quickly design impressive presentations right from your iPad.  You can also add any functionality you need to each presentation, including new features that utilize the iPad’s touch screen technology.  You can present each presentation directly on the iPad or connect it to a monitor for larger audiences.  And with iCloud, this app will automatically backup all of your presentations, allowing you to make any necessary changes from another device.



AutoCAD has gone mobile!  This is an essential iPad app for small businesses that primarily deal with architecture or engineering.  AutoCAD allows users to draft blueprints, diagrams, layouts and more while working in the field.  No longer will you have to rush back to the office to modify your DWG after the client’s specifications have changed.  Instead, you can actually edit AutoCAD drawings while the client offers feedback.  You can even synchronize your drawing with the iPad’s GPS features to get a real time preview on location.


Raombi Analytic Visualizer

Roambi is among the essential iPad apps for small businesses for business owners that want to maintain each aspect of their business while on the go.  Users are provided with an intuitive interface that provides streaming reports on every aspect of the business’ operations, including sales for each type of product or service you offer, utility expenses, performance reports and much more.  Roambi truly puts the operations of your business into the palm of your hand.



Most business owners will find that Dropbox is one of the top essential iPad apps for small businesses.  Dropbox allows users to easily share files of virtually any type quickly and with great ease.  This app allows you to “drop” your most important files into an online storage system, providing you with online backup for your data.  Anyone else with Dropbox, regardless of the device they are accessing it with, can then view and download files with your permission.   You can also store files from one device and then access them on the go from your iPad.


Accounting Software

Finally, if you are using any type of accounting software, most, but not all, have apps available for the iPad.  It is essential for small business owners to stay in touch with their company’s finances at all times.  If you are considering moving your accounting to the cloud, check out The Best Cloud-Based Online Accounting Software review.

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