Why Entrepreneurs Should Pursue an Executive Leadership Degree

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In today’s increasingly competitive business world, entrepreneurs find themselves contending not only with the megastore across town and the mom-and-pop just around the corner but with competitors from virtually every corner of the world. Here are a few reasons why every entrepreneur should consider pursuing an executive leadership degree.

Increasing overall Leadership Skills

One of the most important weapons entrepreneurs have for surviving in today’s increasingly cutthroat business environment is their leadership ability. Strong business leaders can rally the troops through difficult market fluctuations and increasingly uncertain times.

They can inspire and motivate their teams to unite, aspiring to levels of effort and excellence they may never have dared to dream of. Above all, a strong leader is an educator, a teacher who guides his staff to discover and actualize their greatest potential and to apply that potential to the success of the team and the company as a whole.

This is where a degree in executive leadership can provide such an advantage for today’s entrepreneur, and it is for this reason that high-profile institutions such as Norwich University are increasingly turning to online and on-ground executive leadership courses as flagship curricula in their Masters programs.

Executive Leadership and Team Building

A company is only as strong as its workforce. But the reality is that workers inevitably bring with them their own unique experiences, motivations, strengths, and weaknesses to the work they do. Thus, uniting such a disparate team of individuals into a cohesive, high-performing group can be a formidable challenge.

Executive leadership training equips entrepreneurs with the tools to unify their workforce under a shared vision. At the heart of this process is learning to identify and analyze the talents, deficiencies, and the needs of individual workers and applying adult learning principles to facilitate workers in overcoming challenges, maximizing strengths, and bringing individual and corporate goals to fruition through skills development and strategic action.

Executive Leadership and Change Management

Change in business is not always problematic; it does not always result from a crisis. It may derive from new ideas and emerging opportunities. But even positive change can be challenging. A solid foundation in executive leadership will enable business leaders not only to react to change when it comes but to help their teams thrive as proactive agents of progressive change.

Executive Leadership and Problem-Solving

Executive leadership training operates upon the premise that workers are, at base, lifelong-learners seeking to learn to do their jobs well and meet individual and organizational goals in constantly evolving work environments.

However, problems in the workplace and the marketplace alike are inevitable and ubiquitous. An entrepreneur trained in executive leadership will be well prepared to recognize issues quickly and to formulate strategic solutions to guide both the team and the individuals within it through these rocky moments. Such an entrepreneur will recognize the stumbling blocks along the worker/learner’s road to performance mastery and will know how to remove or circumvent them. Because leadership is fundamentally a problem-solving endeavor.


Entrepreneurs need to not only be leaders, but educators in every sense of the word. They must identify and capitalize upon opportunities for growth in those they lead, and they must have the strategic know-how to guide and support their workers through this process.

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