The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Hiring and Building a Productive Team

Team productivity

In today’s tough business conditions, entrepreneurs must be able to hire and train workers that can give the business an edge over the competition. A business is only as strong as its workforce. The entrepreneur must do all in their power to find and develop the talent the business needs to secure lasting success.

Finding the right person with the right qualifications for the job is the first step. After that, it’s the duty of the entrepreneur to provide an environment where the worker can bring out the best of their abilities. Strong leadership by the entrepreneur and their managers can boost the worker’s potential and drive the business to new heights.

Proper hiring strategies, especially for managers

Recruiting the right personnel is the first step to getting a productive workforce. Selecting the employees with the right skills, knowledge, and experience for the job is crucial. The workers are the foundation of the business, after all.

Qualifications and experience are doubly important when it comes to managerial roles, as they dictate the daily activities of the workers. Getting a weak manager will most likely result in a weak team, regardless of their individual capabilities.

Proper wellness programs for the employees

Companies investing in health and wellness programs for their workers get to reap the benefits of increased productivity and loyalty. Regular medical check-ups can improve the quality of health of the workers.

Drug screenings, particularly for cannabis, can be done through cost-effective measures such as marijuana test strips. While the substance has gained legalization for recreational and medical use in certain parts of the world, going to work under its influence is still prohibited due to known adverse effects.

Proper provision of workplace, training, and equipment

Giving the workers the appropriate environment for work, skills training, as well as the best tools for their tasks, can contribute greatly to the success of the business.

Empowering the employees to be better at their jobs generally leads to increased productivity at work. Nothing beats a well-informed, well-equipped worker when it comes to work potential.

Proper work culture of positivity

Fostering a culture of positive feedback can also pave the way for a more productive workforce. Negative reinforcement in the workplace only breeds distrust and animosity among the employees. Punishment should only be meted out for the most serious cases.

Mistakes and mishaps are part of life, especially in stressful situations like work. Workers are human too. In order for a worker to grow beyond their mistakes and limitations, the management must be open to communicating and working with them. Turning a negative situation into a positive learning experience beats a system of blame and punishment.


It’s the responsibility of the entrepreneur and their hiring staff to recruit the best personnel for the business. While the costs may be higher than “hiring on the cheap”, the business is in a better position to succeed with quality talent. The boons of increased productivity can easily outweigh the costs in the long run.

It’s not enough that the entrepreneur employs proper recruitment strategies, though. They must also be ready to secure a good workspace with the best tools at hand. Aside from this, it’s also the responsibility of the entrepreneur to boost the health and morale of the workforce through various strategies.

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