The Power Of Workforce Management Apps For Business Owners

When it comes to the business world, the greatest asset of any business is its workforce. As a business owner, you must know how to maximize your employee’s productivity level through efficient assigning of tasks, optimizing schedules, and knowing their weaknesses and strengths to improve their capabilities in the long run. The best solution to do all of these things is by having a workforce management app.

Quality workforce management apps, such as those from Shiftpixy, inc., can help your HR and staff to utilize their skills for HR processes. With these apps, integrating, gathering, and implementing sets of processes can be done easily, making your workforce more effective and efficient at their individual tasks.


A workforce management app may also help you make the most out of your workers, correct any inefficiencies, and manage labor costs in a better manner. Is it really that powerful?

Below are some of the things that workforce management apps can do for you and your business:

Provide Real-Time Information About The Work in Progress

If some of your employees are at a certain job site, they can just log in to their activities like status updates and document findings. If relevant or required, employees may also take some photos. 

Photo capture and annotation from your field staff will help you understand why certain jobs require more resources or time than what’s originally planned. 

With real-time information about the activities or work in progress for your business, it’ll help you be more efficient.

Absolute Compliance

For business owners, it can be challenging to adhere to compliance regulations and standards in the workplace, particularly if the employees aren’t aware or you, as the employer, failed to communicate such standards to your workers. Regardless of your management style, such concerns can be resolved by using workforce management apps and ensure that your employees will remain compliant within their tasks.

The majority of workforce management apps feature self-service portals for the employees, wherein everything regarding the company will be found. These include compliance standards, internal policies, product knowledge base, communications, and updates.

Workforce management apps are powerful that maintaining and achieving compliance won’t be complicated. From the instructions to classification of employees to the safety regulations, your employees will be able to access all information in a few clicks. If there are updates, the management team can easily convey and communicate about the new procedures and instructions within a few seconds.

Increased Employee Morale

One of the best things about using workforce management apps is that they let your business automate some business processes, like timekeeping and payroll. It’s a big thing for business owners since timekeeping and payroll management can be time consuming.

A workforce management app also records and captures employee punches and gather data to accurately calculate payroll. For this reason, there will be fewer mistakes with the benefits and pay of your employees. 

Anyone who worked as HR managers will tell you that the perfect way to de-motivate workforce is messing with their pay. Oftentimes, it’s the common complaint of workers who are not happy with their job. This type of unhappiness may lead to big problems, including higher attrition, poor employee morale, and so on.

Workforce management apps transfer much of the responsibilities for recording time punches accurately for break times and work hours. While these apps will not get rid of the worker complaints regarding their pay, it lessens them through sharing responsibilities with employees.

Efficient Task Allocation

With a workforce management app, task allocation will be automatic. These apps guarantee more effective use of time and better work coordination than achievable through manual processes. 

In addition to that, these can help you save more time, especially when there are a lot of tasks to accomplish every day.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

You might wonder what workforce management apps can do with customer satisfaction. Well, these can let you integrate customer service performance as part of the performance review of your employees. 

With the gathered information, you can use measurable criteria to ensure that your employees interact with your customers in accordance with particular standards and record such measurements. This way, they’ll be integrated into one’s performance evaluation daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.

This kind of recording and observation will not be possible if you’re using a manual system. However, automated workforce management apps make it easy to measure the actual performance of employees against the standards so you may correct or determine shortcomings before they can affect the way customers perceive your businesses. 

Workforce management apps may do such things to boost the actual performance of HR.

Reduce the Need for Your Employees to Work Overtime

Overtime is a necessity for some businesses, but it may also be expensive. Other than the costs, overtime can drain your employees not just physically, but also mentally. Their productivity is impacted adversely and their work will not be at its best as they need to work for extra hours. 

In other words, overtime will cost your business some money because you pay disengaged and disempowered employees for more work but poor quality output.

With the use of a workforce management app, you’ll be able to get off the traditional workforce management path as you can lessen the cases of overtime. It’ll also help you make viable schedules for each of your employees and assign tasks to qualified individuals. In other cases, employees may check schedules and change or swap with someone to ensure that all of the tasks are done efficiently. 

As they become productive, you’ll avoid wasting time while accomplishing more tasks before the deadlines.

The Bottom Line

Workforce management apps are no doubt beneficial and helpful for all business owners out there. However, it’s important to bear in mind that not all of these apps are suitable for your business. This is the reason why it’s crucial to shop around first and make comparisons of the available options before you decide to implement one for your business. 

If you have the right workforce management app, you can be assured that you’ll be able to provide better service and experience for your customers and employees at the same time. 

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