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When it comes to starting a small business, the risks are many and they are usually life or death. All the decisions made are going to have a huge impact on the success of the business. To properly get the business on its feet, a budding entrepreneur is going to need to take a few leaps of faith and start taking risks. They can be calculated, but ultimately it is a case of who has the most guts to do what it takes to turn their small startup into a successful business.

Such is the case of EverydayHappy. This was an American startup founded by a group of like-minded moms and dads who decided that instead of running errands and missing out on the important moments of their children’s lives, they would help parents everywhere get their baby cleaning and family care products online. Today, we talk to Philip Keezer, the CEO of EverydayHappy and co-founder of the company. He gives us all valuable advice on how to get a start-up going in the right direction and how to end up just like EverydayHappy and their new sideshow: ParentingHappy, a hotline for parents.

1) How do you validate your business idea?
In the case of EverydayHappy, I believed that there was a real need for a company that offered superior baby and family care products that were affordable, eco-friendly and toxin-free. The idea really started when I became a dad and I was desperately trying to find products that I thought were safe enough for my newborn son, all to no avail.

While doing my research, I noticed that a lot of products are full of harmful chemicals and good eco-friendly alternatives are hard to find, or simply too expensive to be accessible to all parents. There was nothing in stores or online that made the cut and I couldn’t believe it. Being eco-friendly and environmentally minded shouldn’t be hard. Where were all the naturally sourced, biodegradable and safe products that would leave the planet in a good state for our kids?

Planning trips to the store with a little one in tow also proved to be a great feat. Any time I spoke with fellow parents, they seemed to share the same struggles. That realization was the moment I knew this was a viable business and that, given my experience, I was the one who could launch it.

That’s when EverydayHappy was born. I wanted to help take some of the guesswork out of parenting, giving new moms and dads peace of mind. The idea of making EverydayHappy a subscription service was validated when I realized how crazy life can get when you’re a parent. Being able to skip running errands to the store for supplies meant more time to spend with my son and to actually appreciate the joys of parenting.

The core of our business is helping moms and dads have an amazing parenting experience (whether that be by offering great products or through our unique helpline, ParentingHappy, because sometimes you just need someone to listen) and people are really responding to that!

2) How to get funding for your business?
A big part of the funding behind EverydayHappy came from JoVentures, as well as from our founders. We were extremely lucky in the sense that we were able to find a group of people who shared our passion and vision for creating a brand that was not only filling a gap in the marketplace, but also fulfilling our dream of helping families here, and abroad.

3) Should you get a cofounder?
This really depends on the business model, the specific situation and what the co-founder(s) bring to the table. Ultimately, it may sometimes be easier to be a sole founder and have final say over the big decisions, but there’s no denying that having a partner can help bring fresh ideas to the table. Especially if all parties involved share the same vision and are comfortable enough to push each other to really step outside the box.

This is something I’ve learned firsthand by working on EverydayHappy with co-founder Phil Fang. We started with a solid foundation: A shared passion and belief that eco-friendly, carcinogen-free baby and family care products should be easily accessible and not cost a fortune. From there, we worked nonstop to make EverydayHappy a reality and as we continue to grow, we never shy away from dreaming up bigger, better (and sometimes wilder) ideas.

4) Your best advice for people starting out on the entrepreneurship path?
It might sound cliche, but the best advice I’ve ever received is to never give up. The only reason businesses become successful is because they overcome all of the obstacles in their way, both planned for and unexpected, and not because they never encountered one. It’s the tough times that can really help make a business and its entire team stronger and more passionate and, in turn, more successful.

When we were starting out, the idea of offering eco-friendly diapers that cost less than the mass-produced bargain brands you find on most store shelves seemed crazy to a lot of people. It meant the world to us, however, and we kept researching, innovating and pushing until we could make our vision a reality. The more people questioned it, the more fired up we felt to succeed. Never, ever give up.

You can find EverydayHappy on Twitter.

For a free trial of EverydayHappy, click here.

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