4 Reasons why it is important to invest in Eco Friendly Construction

ecofriendly construction

More and more people are starting to express interest in purchasing eco-friendly houses. If you are a potential homeowner looking to invest in property, consider doing so in one with eco-friendly construction, as well. Experts think of green homes as sound investments. Home owners tend to agree with them. That’s because a green home has many significant advantages over a traditional home.

We mention some of those benefits below:

1.     Higher sustainability and longevity

An eco-friendly home is built with materials that are guaranteed to last much longer than the ones used in making conventional houses. That means a green home would age better. The longevity of a green home is matched with its high sustainability. Such houses won’t require much in the way of repairs for along, long time. That means you don’t have to worry about spending money on renovations repeatedly. The more money you can save, the longer you’d hold onto your home!

2.      More savings

Let us start by saying that you will save money if you are having a green home constructed. That’s because the primary reason for building these houses is that they aren’t harmful to the environment. To that end, often recycled or secondhand materials are used during the construction of an eco-friendly home. That could lower the cost for you!

Consider another important point. A green home is planned to conserve energy. Therefore, it is replete with features like panels made from thermal-heat-retaining gypsum and those for capturing solar energy, metal roofs, and tankless water heaters. Initially, you may feel as if these improvements are unnecessary and even costly. But the truth is once you have them installed, you would soon begin saving on the energy bills.

Green homes can make use of alternative ways of energy production (solar panels) and energy-efficient options (gypsum panels) that will bring the cost of utilities down. That’s because they are built to have minimal effect on the environment.

For that to happen, these houses would need to be as self-sufficient as possible. By producing their own energy – whether fully or partially – from natural resources, such as wind, light, and earth,sustainable homes lower their carbon footprint. The result would be a home –and the family that lives in it – that consumes less energy and produces less waste.

In 2017 alone,the United States produced energy equivalent to 87.5 quadrillion Btu by using fossil fuels. This fulfilled almost 90% of the U.S. energy requirements. As we all know, fossil fuels like coal, gas, and oil, are non-renewable resources.Even if we set aside the harmful effects they have on the environment, we stand the chance of running out of these resources. What happens then?

Therefore, if you are looking to own a house, don’t just look for Construction Companies Near Me. Instead, look for ones that specialize in eco-friendly construction.

3.     Better economically

Green buildings aren’t just a smarter economic choice for the individual homeowner. They are also good for the global economy. This US GBC study showed that as of 2015, green construction outpaced conventional methods of construction across the United States. It has also created over two million jobs in the country! Construction of these buildings has earned the country’s laborers $134 billion. More than that, the projections for this year showed that there would be a further increase of 1.1 million jobs that will bring in $75.6 billion more in wages.

4.     Increasingly popular

As we mentioned earlier, the concept of green homes is becoming popular amongst new homeowners. This study showed more than 80% of global consumers who participated in it would make sacrifices if it led to environmental conservation. An almost equal number of respondents said they would even purchase unknown brands if the sense of corporate social responsibility were stronger for the businesses producing them. Similarly, this survey showed that more than 60%of Millennials try purchasing as many eco-friendly products as they can.

Moreover, by next year, we will be seeing twice as many green-certified buildings as we do today. The certifications that look to standardize eco-construction are largely the work of two major players. Around the world, the Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design Council (LEED) and the Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) lead nations in this regard. The latter is said to be involved in more than 82,000 commercial projects that are taking place in 162countries. Ever since BREEAM launched in 1990, it has certified more than 500,400 developments worldwide.

The future belongs to eco-homes, and it is time that you started looking into green buildings, as well. As an eco-warrior, it isn’t enough to recycle to do justice to your role. Choose a construction company that specializes in eco-friendly planning and construction. They will have the expertise and skill necessary to provide you with green but cost-effective solutions.  

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