Enterprise SEO: What Is It and Why Does Your Site Need It?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a necessity for any business that wants to succeed online. This is basically the practice of bringing more organic traffic to your website by improving your rankings in search engine result pages (SERPs). Even traditional SEO is challenging, and the practice is constantly evolving thanks to algorithm updates and frequent advancements in technology. When you’re a large organization with thousands of links, you’ll need enterprise SEO, which comes with its own unique challenges.

There’s no single way to define an enterprise site, but it’s generally agreed that you’ll need enterprise SEO if your website needs automated systems to keep up with tasks across thousands of pages, your site requires a high level of maintenance, and your site has a significant impact on your revenue and reputation. While smaller companies may be able to handle some of their engine optimization efforts themselves, enterprise-level companies will need professional SEO campaigns to meet their unique goals.


Meeting your site’s SEO needs gives your site more authority in your industry, and bringing more traffic means you’ll have more opportunities for conversions. Here are some of the most important solutions for enterprise SEO.

Keyword Research

Keywords are the search terms and phrases that users enter in search engines to find answers to questions or solutions to problems. Keyword research, then, is an effort to determine the words and phrases that are likely to lead users to your website. These days, the words themselves are less important than the intent behind the words, meaning that your keywords need to be relevant to your audience. Large websites need to have their title tags, meta descriptions, and content loaded with relevant keywords, the same as smaller ones.

Enterprise SEO tools can help automate this process by scanning title tags of competitors to find the highest-value keywords for your industry and help you use them to your advantage.

Local SEO

The value of local SEO for smaller companies is clear, but large businesses with multiple locations can also benefit. Enterprise-level companies have usually achieved good brand awareness, but they may not have focused on local search specifically. This is a big gap in their digital marketing since mobile results typically return local results. 50% of mobile users who do a local search visit a store within 24 hours, so you stand to gain significant foot traffic.

Creating a template that details each of your building’s names, addresses, and contact information is the easiest way to make individual business listings for each location. Including some unique, localized content for each one can boost your visibility even further.

Content Creation

Speaking of unique content, content marketing is the new king of online advertising. While enterprise SEO solutions certainly can, and should, provide you with paid advertising strategies, they can also help you create original content that showcases your knowledge, products, and services. This might include articles or blog posts you pitch to sites that your audience frequents, or you might make video tutorials that help answer questions your users frequently have. Relevancy is a top Google ranking factor, so the more useful content you can produce for your audience, the better you’ll rank. Including backlinks to your site in original content is also one of the fastest ways to increase your site’s overall authority.

Content creation is also great for reputation management. The bigger your name and the better your reputation, the higher chance there is for bad PR to damage it. Enterprise SEO services can connect your company with publicity management experts and even create positive content to help mitigate the effects of damaging stories.

These are just some of the services an enterprise SEO platform can offer your site. You’ll also get detailed analytics on how every individual part of your SEO campaign is performing.

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