8 Proven Enterprise SEO Strategies for Your Business That Works

SEO has changed a lot over the past few years. Considering the development of algorithms, along with the initiation of machine learning, SEO is now more difficult to master. 

Here we have enlisted six enterprise SEO techniques and strategies that work.

Keywords in Striking Distance

Choosing keywords ranking in striking distance, that is, keywords that feature in rank in the range of 11 – 20, can be considered low-hanging fruit. Such keywords offer early wins to boost performance. It’s comparatively easier to push keywords close to Page 1 onto the first page. 

Opting for keywords that rank within striking distance is the simplest way to get the best chances in enterprise SEO.

Broaden Your Content

After you have found the keywords’ rough rank in striking distance and your site is relevant for those keywords, you can now expand the current content to meet end-user needs and make it more suitable and helpful for the users. This is particularly significant if your site has empty or thin pages.

Poor-quality pages, as well as thin content, are harder to rank on Google, due to all the algorithmic updates. Although not impossible, it is very difficult to rank thin content for keywords, where there is a lot of competition. Brands are supposed to give users good-quality content.

Create High-Quality Content

Content is incredibly vital for enterprise SEO, particularly beginner-stage content “awareness”. Almost every customer’s journey begins with problems, followed by an informational search as opposed to transactional search.

If companies and agencies need to be successful and win in the SERPs, they have to keep on developing good-quality content on the basis of intent in all phases of the user’s journey.

Most of the SEO professionals are likely to run out of stuff to do for the clients if the SEO company had them for numerous years, but you can never stop developing content.

Adopt Voice SEO 

With more than one billion voice searches every month, voice search stands as a major area of opportunity for enterprises. Several companies are rushing to use voice search engine optimization and that makes becoming an early adopter of this strategy even more valuable.

Optimize Featured Snippet

A featured snippet is associated with the answer for voice search; it appears before the organic results, which could give you maximum exposure and traffic because it is above the fold.

To show up as a featured snippet, you must:

•    Address users’ questions first in the content, precisely in an H1.

•    Next optimize your answer in a layout preferred by users.

Use Structured Data

Structured data is crucial to decorate your content because it helps Google understand your content better. This will increase the chances of your content showing up in the rich results, and getting higher click-through rates, traffic, and more. This is a crucial part of enterprise SEO.


A majority of the SEO professionals skip and overlook the capacity of internal linking. If your site has pages of related content that can link to one another, you should take advantage of it. 

Internal links connect your content and provide Google as well as other search engines a good idea of the structure of your website and let them find important pages that offer more value. 

Getting links from external and related sites with high authority are still important to improve your organic performance, but as always, continue to focus on quality rather than quantity.

Multi-Channel Marketing 

Multi-channel marketing is a tried and tested digital marketing move. At the enterprise SEO-level, though, it’s hard because several companies retain different teams for every channel. This method can cause clumsy marketing initiatives that can lead to bad performance or poor outcomes.


Most of the enterprise organizations require their teams to retain a well-planned strategy with goals set for the current fiscal year. An SEO company must have the capacity to step back to look at the larger objective. By utilizing the major elements of enterprise SEO, you can easily chalk out a proper strategy for the year.

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