Six Emerging Science and Technology Industries for Entrepreneurs

industries entrepreneursInnovations in science and technology often spawn new businesses that further boost the economies in the communities they serve. In this way, the advent of new technology creates a winning atmosphere for nearly all stakeholders. Here are six emerging science and technology related industries that offer entrepreneurs fresh ideas to explore.


#1 Agricultural Science

The first emerging science and technology industry to consider is agriculture. As the world’s population continues to grow rapidly, some governmental policy makers scramble to come up with efficient ways to utilize natural resources to adequately feed everyone. This has inspired practical ideas like vertical growing gardens as well as some extreme measures like growing artificial meat in a laboratory environment. At any rate, these ambitious entrepreneurs would impact one of the most important facets of human existence which is the food supply. For instance, a company may design and patent their own aqua-ponic or hydroponic gardening system for sale to small farmers or amateur gardeners.


#2 Biotechnology and Medical Science

The second emerging science and technology industry to consider is that of biotechnology. The biotechnology segment of medical industry is hot now because research in this area is needed to find the causes of various ailments in some people and the reason for good health in others. This field encompasses more than just casual collecting of blood, urine or fecal samples for research testing; it includes the collection of these items for routine medical tests as well. This work requires transport and storage options conducted by professionals who are specially trained in biological material handling. Entrepreneurs who are prepared to get that sort of training and invest in climate controlled storage facilities and transportation equipment can step into a lucrative career bio-repositories and laboratory moving services.


#3 Alternative Energy

The third emerging science and technology industry to reflect upon is alternative energy. Nearly every country in the world is either considering or are already fully taking advantage of alternative energy on some level or another. However, the breadth of alternative energy options continues to make it an emerging science and technology field that is wide open to creative entrepreneurs. Some areas that may be of interest to entrepreneurs are alternative energy clothing and higher capacity energy storage devices.


#4 Cyber Security

The fourth emerging science and technology industry for entrepreneurs to think about is cyber security. Cloud computing has revolutionized the world of information technology (IT) services. IT companies continue to use a business model that offers web development services coupled with fast, reliable cloud hosting and storage services. However, the cloud’s security features leave something to be desired by organizations like the Department of Defense (DoD) and others who handle sensitive data. Entrepreneurs who have network security skills may come up with information security solutions in this area and contract with the DoD to market their new services.


#5 Information Technology

The fifth emerging science and technology industry to consider is IT itself. Although IT has been around for quite some time now, there are still some imaginative ideas that have not yet come to fruition. Americans in particular were inundated with promises of space age technology during the last four decades via television and cinema. Well, some scientific types have not given up on the dream of holographic displays for business and entertainment use. Entrepreneurs with the skill and interest could finish developing the Star Trek like technology for huge returns.


#6 Manufacturing

The sixth emerging science and technology industry to consider is manufacturing.- However, this would be the new age of manufacturing utilizing 3-D printing technology. The 3-D printer has been developed, but savvy entrepreneurs can still supply the market with maintenance and training services for the new hardware that is being made for residential use. They also can start developing innovative applications to run on the printer hardware.

Entrepreneurs have many opportunities available to them through the above mentioned industries. Additionally, the new businesses started by these ambitious entrepreneurs are likely to inspire the discovery of other innovations as the entrepreneurs work to develop, integrate, market, distribute or maintain new technology.

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