Durable Skins Are An Extension Of Your Unique Style


It might not seem like it, but smartphones haven’t been around for much longer than a decade. It’s hard to imagine our lives without our cell phones. They are our alarm clocks in the morning, our agendas during the day, and our entertainment systems at night. With millions of apps at our disposal, we can create a phone perfectly suited for all of our needs and wants.

When your Nexus is such an integral part of your daily life (and the only way you can contact friends and family!), it’s important that you protect your valuable smartphone – and not with just any covering. Though a stylized case may look great in your mirror selfies you send via Snapchat, it won’t do much when your Nexus slips through your fingers and onto the bathroom tile. It might have the latest processing power, operating system, and display, but it’s still a very fragile piece of technology. In order to keep all of stored data and photos you have on your Nexus, you need something better than a case to protect it.

If you’re looking for something that will protect your Nexus and look great in any pic you post, don’t visit a kiosk in the middle of the mall. You won’t find quality protection in the styles that you want there. Your search should be online, where retailers offer durable and reliable protection in fashionable styles with reasonable price tags. But since the Internet is a vast place, you should limit to those companies that can offer customized protection using 3M vinyl. Any Nexus is big enough as it is, and it doesn’t need any more inches or ounces than it already has. This material provides lightweight coverage, so your phone doesn’t become an unusable brick of a phone. The 3M vinyl will actually improve the grip of your Nexus, making it easier to stick where it’s supposed to – your hands and not your bathroom floor!

If you have one of the older models, like the Nexus 7 from 2013, you don’t necessarily want to be dropping a fortune on protection. If your finances are your worry, a limited budget won’t make it any more difficult to find stylish protection. Just keep to those inexpensive providers like dbrand. dbrand’s full selection of Nexus skins never break the bank, but their skins are always quality. Their protection comes in a variety of colours and textures, like cool carbon fiber and faux-wood, ensuring your Nexus is the best looking in the bunch!

There’s no chance that you’ll be cutting your smartphone out of your life, so it only makes sense to protect your investment. Keep your music playlist, photos, and calendar safe from accidental damage and protect your Nexus with a customized skin.

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