Do Businesses Actually Need a Phone number in 2019?

In this era, a business, however small it is, needs a dedicated business phone number, separate from that of the proprietor. Nowadays, clients prefer to call in to make requests or get instant quotes over the phone. And so, it would be a huge inconvenience and a massive loss in revenues not having a separate phone number tied to your business.

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Furthermore, the real benefits of having a business phone number in 2019 outweigh the mere thought of not having one. Sure, you would say that clients can simply write an email or choose to contact you via social media.

But nowadays, having a business phone number is a norm; a generally accepted one similar to owning a performance management software. Its absence of a can easily dent a business’ reputation and lose out clients to its competitors.

A phone is sure to make the business look professional

Having a phone number can mean the difference between getting clients and not. A business with a dedicated line is more likely to earn the trust of a potential customer out there, especially when the client urgently needs a product or a service. And the customer will dial up the number and request for the goods or services quickly.

See, in such instances, it is the phone call that has portrayed the business as a professional, trustworthy alternative. This reason makes more sense in those businesses that involve intangible goods and services which can be completed online. It also appeals to more startups whose reputation is still growing and hasn’t amassed a significant number of customers out there.

You can review telephone answering service.

A phone number will tell customers that you are reliable

Someone would say that in this age where customer support can be offered through social media like Twitter or Live chat and similar functions, phone numbers have no importance anymore. What they most definitely ignore is that a hotline for customer queries is still the most effective since the response is instant and one-on-one.

Someone calls in, make a request or ask a question and get an answer straight away. Better yet, in an event where nobody answers the call, most companies ensure that a message is left and the request is handled swiftly. Many voices over IP phone services actually have this functionality as they know that every call in a business is essential.

Alternatives to a traditional landline phone

An ordinary phone number is perfect, although most of today’s businesses prefer having a mobile or computer VoIP solution instead. It allows one to schedule calls, queue them or make conference calls, set up a ‘find me’ feature and send and receive free text and fax messages.

However you need to make sure that you have a really robust internet connection to constantly make voice over IP calls as a business. Make sure you search for the best broadband deal to not only get the best price but a reliable connection – nothing is worse for a business than having a phone outage.

Quite frankly, Voice over IP phone services can have a profound effect on the success of a business. Customers will call, the business will communicate with suppliers and business deals will be sealed without unnecessary hassles. More importantly, it is what every medium and large business is using today!  

The business will communicate to the outside world efficiently

As a business, you can’t write emails or send out social media messages to another company or your suppliers when you need to make an urgent request. In fact, it will appear odd and unprofessional to annoy them with long messages when a phone call would have helped.

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