Digital Entrepreneurship: Social Media Networks vs. Websites

Starting any business is unimaginable without creating a platform that will be your “ID” in the digital world. Almost every aspect of everyday life is now digitized: shopping is no longer possible only in stores, casino games are no longer played only in casinos, television can be watched online and even bills can be paid online. According to SimilarWeb, the top three visited sites in the US are Google, YouTube, and Facebook. After Facebook, Instagram is the most used social network, followed by Twitter. News, technology, sports, and adult websites are also very popular. 

Entrepreneurs use digital platforms more than ever and to keep their network alive, they create different content on a daily basis. But what do entrepreneurs in the US use more often, social media networks or websites?  

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Promoting Your Business – Social Media, Website or Both?

Many people use both websites and social media networks to promote their services or products. Since there are still people who choose not to be present on social media, using a website for the business may be a better option. Even though social media sites are widely popular all around the globe, some people have stopped using it because they got bored or overwhelmed, and some have never even used it because they’re traditional types.

The great advantage of a website is that a person from any part of the world can be informed about your products or services. If you present your services in the right way, sharing detailed descriptions, pricing, usage, and so on, it can help you attract customers. One thing that is common for websites and social media is that they’re accessible 24/7 and you can access it from the comfort of your home. You can even use an application on your mobile phone, especially when it comes to social media platforms.

Social media networks have chats that you can use to contact them, so you may have the information you need faster than if you send an email to the person in charge of the site. Some websites also have live chats, which can be very convenient. Both websites and social media sites tend to offer different advice, gifts and all sorts of advantages to their visitors, to keep them coming back. 

When it comes to social media profiles, people need to be aware that some profiles can be fake and misleading. There are a lot of cases of fraud through using fake profiles for online shopping, and that’s why verified and trusted websites for online shopping, like, are a way better option for this purpose.

The Digital Business World Is The Way Forward

Over the last decade, the number of websites, in general, has increased dramatically, and this has helped most industries, not only in the US, to develop. The iGaming industry has expanded greatly in the US, and that is mostly due to the online gambling guides who have put a lot of effort into promoting it, the invested entrepreneurs behind are one good and powerful example. Following the bill which was passed only several months ago, legalizing online gambling in Pennsylvania, more and more people turn to those sources to collect information and news, to get advice, to socialize and for entertainment.

Digital entrepreneurship is revolutionary. Depending on the type of business they want to start, entrepreneurs choose between creating a website or a social media profile. This decision is not that hard, and most of them decide to use both platforms. It’s an ideal combination and being active on social media as well as updating information on your website will help you stick out and stay noticed on the competitive market.

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