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More people than ever are working from the comfort of their own home. A home office can significantly reduce business expenses while providing convenience and a more personal experience for clients and entrepreneurs. Your office should be comfortable for you to work in but also warm and inviting to clients and associates. Here are some tips for creating the ultimate luxury home office.

Desk and chair of the right height and support for your body type

We all come in different shapes and sizes, so why should we all be comfortable with a one-size-fits-all chair and/or desk? Your desk and chair should be of a size so that you can sit up straight with your hands elevated higher than your bent elbows if you are typing. This reduces muscle strain and fatigue. Chairs need to be suited to your body size. The heavier and/or taller you are, the larger and more supportive your chair should be.


Improper lighting can increase eye fatigue and lead to more mistakes in your work. Soft white and natural light are best for a more productive work environment. Harsh fluorescent fixtures, which are so common in many offices, can seem far too cold and institutional for comfort. Natural light reduces glare on computer screens that can be distracting and reduce productivity.


Your typical day at work should be a big influence on the layout of your office. Comfortable chairs for clients are a must for any home office that is going to be utilized for doing business in person. Usually, no more than two chairs will be required, but always have a spare available just in case. While most people will choose to have these chairs facing their desk, a small arrangement of chairs and a table can be less intimidating and more intimate than an across-the-desk encounter.


Amenities are nice but you will not want there to be too many distractions in your office if you are to be productive. A coffee pot or other light refreshments can be okay, but try to avoid keeping too many kitchen items in your office or you run the risk of clients feeling like they are not in a professional office. The same rule can be applied to electronics. Multiple computers, music players, televisions, etc., can make it hard to focus on the work you need to get done.

One step at a time

Although a complete office remodel might not be in the budget of everyone, small changes can make a big difference and really add up over time. Getting a couple of new chairs or installing some shutters can give an entirely different feel and add luxury to your home office quickly and easily. Continuing the process one improvement at a time will allow you to create a luxurious feel in your office with even the smallest budget.

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  1. Right now my office is a desk in a room we share with our baby. So, I have the laptop there and sometimes milk bottles, pacifiers and all kinds of similar things. I do hope to get a proper office in the near future, but it won’t happen right now.

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