3 Ways to Increase Your Business’s Local Standing

increase business local standing

More and more people are starting a small business of their own than ever before. There any many reasons why people start their own business: they have seen a gap in the market that is currently not being serviced, or perhaps due to a change in their personal circumstances. There are attractive perks to running your own business, but even if you have successfully started up your small business, you need to ensure that it keeps afloat in this volatile market.

You’ve got yourself a solid customer base and a steady revenue stream, but one of the key things that will sustain your business is a solid reputation. How can you achieve this from your community?

Your Premises

For the sake of argument, let’s assume that your business has an office, store or warehouse that customers are able to visit, or is at least visible to the public. There are things that you can do to keep the aesthetics of your business’s premises in order. Things like replacing the light bulbs over signage, painting the external walls and keeping the parking lot waste free: maintenance is a must. However, your business will only look as good as the community around it. If you take a pride in your premises, your neighbors will do too.

Be Neighborly

A little kindness goes a long way, and with social media being a welcome tool to build business success, sharing your acts of kindness across the social media platforms is a great way to build your reputation. For example, the local pastor may have unparalleled faith and knowledge of religious scriptures, but perhaps lack financial expertise; use your business acumen and help the local church with their finances by introducing them to an investment bank that specializes in religious organizations, such as  Ziegler,to refinance their existing debt at a preferred rate. You will give your time and services for free, but your reputation within the community will certainly benefit.

Be Charitable

There are always charities and non-profits that can benefit from donations. Donations are not exclusively of the green kind either! Your branded stationery could be included with prizes for a school fundraiser, or you could sponsor high visibility jackets for the children to keep safe on their walk to school. You may wish to organize a community litter pick in the area around your business premises. Think outside of the box! Your aim is to get your business viewed by the community as a positive influence, and a provider of goodwill.

We live in a digital age, and our marketplace is no longer the one on our doorstep. We have the ability to provide goods and services to customers from all around the globe; yet, we often forget about the importance of those nearest to us. Your business is more likely to thrive if it has the support of your local community, and that is something that money alone cannot buy. Maintaining a strong relationship with local business owners and community leaders will lay strong foundations for your growing business. You can see and feel the difference of a strong community spirit, which is why investing time and money into the community will never be a wasted effort, and it will make you feel wonderful too.

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