Content Marketing Do’s and Don’ts

Don’t be sweating over content marketing. With this list of easy do’s and don’ts you can get the best results with least efforts:

Do advertise. Don’t impose.

While advertising and selling are the aim behind content marketing, the content must not be heavy on advertising. There has to be room for the reader to think for himself too. It must not feel forced. Over doing the promotion can even backfire. Think of your content as a conversation, so you would probably be able to tell better when you start to make your reader uncomfortable, or when your advertising starts to get nagging. Do point out why your product is better than the others, but even more importantly, let them know why it’s the best choice for them.

Do Add-ons.

Content marketing is not tricky! While writing the content, look at it from the readers’ point of view as well. Is there anything you can do to optimize its effect? Sure.

For example a feature like FAQ section can prove to be a major help for the readers. Chances are, their queries will be on the list which will save them a lot of time and energy! And boy does everyone like their time and efforts valued and saved! I sure do.

Don’t use fancy language.

Content Marketing is primarily dependent on words. So how you place them has a major role to play.Your language should depend upon the product you’re selling and also your target audience. For example if you’re writing for expecting mothers, they’re likely to not ‘dig the slang lingo’. Also usage of too much technical jargon is never a good idea as it hampers communication.

Do Visualize.

Images, videos and all things colorful or moving are a big hit on the internet! Contents with images have reported higher views. Images tend to keep one’s mind more gripped to the content and provides more effective impact. Don’t believe me? Why do you think magazines are more popular than novels? Because they have less reading material and lots of photos! Majority of people aren’t enthusiastic readers and so it always helps to have some visual aids tickling their interest besides words.

Do Distribute.

With content marketing, the emphasis is on being visible in the market. How does your target audience find you? How do you grab their attention?  How well promoted is the link to your content?Extensive channels of distribution can prove to be very beneficial.

Do Highlight.

If you can get it right with the headlines, half your task is complete. Convey maximum information with crisp and to the point headlines. To tap the attention of casual onlookers, there can be no better strategy.

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