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Email is one of the major ways to cover up marketing. It is true that emailing to people you want to establish contact with is the super easy and perfect way to grasp the idea of new people joining your account. If you are new on Instagram and actually want more followers to be an influencer, trying out email marketing for a change can help you quite a bit.

You need to work on this same tactic for a long time to get hands-on real Instagram likes too. But, working on the email sector on your own is pretty tough and you will realize it once you are within. You need some help with it and Constant Contact is ready to be that guide you want now.

Time to learn about Constant Contact:

The name of this application holds its true meaning to the core. Yes, this service might cost you around $20 per month but this investment is quite worth it. This section is here to offer you an attractive user interface and useful sets of features for that price.

  • If you are planning to try out the features of this source before investing some bucks, then you will be pleasantly surprised. This company is all set to offer around 60 days of a free trial. 
  • It has a special email plan, which actually supports around 500 contacts. You are not just likely to get affordable plans but also some great helping materials. There are built-in templates for emails too.
  • If you want, you get the opportunity to import contacts from Outlook and email. There you have an easy usable editor to customize the email campaign and then use the final result for Instagram.
  • Then you have some free trials too. Get the chance to create some signup forms and enjoy the services of Google Analytics integration. You can try out its mobile app as well.

The reasons to not just personal email account:

There are so many good reasons for you to not use a personal email account while trying to grow your followers’ count on Instagram. The points, mentioned below, will help you realize why email marketing through a proper app is the right way to do it.

  • Email services are ready to manage behind the scene work to get the message delivered, which won’t take place through a personal email account.
  • Email services from Constant Contact comprise of built-in tools and even practices to safety send emails. So, your relationship can never be at risk.
  • Furthermore, reputed apps will allow you to not just host but also manage email databases from a single location, which isn’t possible through personal use.

Beneficial aspects of email marketing:

Around 91% of the USA adults would like to receive promotional emails from companies they are marketing with. So, try to make your IG account as part of their business module through Constant Contact. Email is likely to be 40 times more effective than Facebook or Twitter. So, without wasting time, you might want to get started in this notion now.

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