Make your Company’s Summer Social Event Sparkle

The Christmas party might be the most talked-about event of the social calendar at work, but summer is when the fun really happens. From awards ceremonies and work-BBQs, warmer weather makes summer the perfect time for a corporate event.

Any extracurricular activity is bound to make some staff members roll their eyes, so make your work socials so fun they can’t help but change their minds. Anyone who’s ducked out will be sure to turn up to the next one once they find out what a fun time their colleagues had.

There are plenty of ways to do that; number one is to ensure that free food and free drinks are readily available – no-one wants to look stingy. For a touch of class, hire waiters to take drinks and canapes around, or for a fun edge have a couple of crack bartenders on hand to knock out killer cocktails.

Activities, too, will always up the fun factor – when your event is held outside, the world is your oyster. Set up fairground attractions so staff can relive their youth, a photobooth with props to remember the occasion or casino-tables. You could even set up an outdoor cinema with deckchairs and snacks on hand.

If it’s a more formal occasion, a guest speaker could provide a real wow-factor, or for casual occasions a celebrity guest in attendance will really make people sit up and pay attention.

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