Companies That Are Getting Creative With Cryptocurrency

As 2017 grinded to a halt, cryptocurrency investment options has turned into one of the most explored options by leading investors around the globe. Regardless of whether or not you’re thinking about making a substantial financial investment in cryptocurrencies at this point in time, it’s going to be well worth it to invest some time in keeping track of the cryptocurrency wave and the impact created by its supporting blockchain technology in different sectors, just because it’s simply fascinating to see this disruptive force change the face of the industrial and financial sectors.


Blockchain Juggernaut

The key operative question is no longer IF cryptocurrencies will be able to make an impact on the world, it is now WHEN it will turn mainstream and consequently require governments around the world to redefine their economic policies to accommodate the change in full.

It no longer needs a long stretch of your imagination to envision a future where cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology influences the most intricate details of our everyday lives. These are surely exciting times.

The technology behind cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum goes far beyond the scope of currency and secure digital payment solutions. What blockchain essentially does is cut out the middleman eliminating the concentration of power at any point. That’s the basic principle that makes cryptocurrencies so attractive as a payment option in the first place.

You have access to your money without being at the mercy of banks or exchange agencies from anywhere in the world.

Steady Adoption

A wide range of businesses have adopted blockchain technology into their processes. For instance, it has been used to reinforce supply chains by food processing companies. This enables the business owner to create a documented process chain, giving the consumer the power to know, say for example, where the tuna in his sandwich came from and how it got there. Automated security is another realm where blockchain has been practically implemented successfully.

You have the newly launched cryptocurrency that instead of being mined is created by mapping your movements. To put simply, “Bitwalking dollars” is a cryptocurrency you can earn just by walking! An app on your phone measures your steps and rewards you with 1 Bitwalking dollar for every 10,000 steps.

These are just a couple of instances that demonstrate how cryptocurrencies can provide you with actual solutions to everyday problems. However, by the path it has taken, it’s just a matter of time before cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology on which it is based will be playing a major role in providing solutions for everyday needs in real-time to the extent of redefining basic governance.

Top Creative Cryptocurrency Companies

Realizing the huge potential that cryptocurrencies and its fundamental technology hold for the future, quite a few companies have been seeking fresh and innovative ways to capitalize on this opportunity. These include:

Divi Project – Online money transfers and transactions have grown to be a common aspect of our lives. However, an increasingly large number of people have been duped or inconvenienced at some point while using an online wallet or “smart wallet.” Divi Project changes all that. This is a perfect representation of a cryptocurrency-influenced future.

The Divi project enables users to send money with the ease of sending a text or personal email. The application is developed keeping the convenience and security of the user at the center of it.

Javvy– This cryptocurrency exchange or wallet is highly secure and not based on the internet. With Javvy, you have no need to access numerous low-security web based accounts. Apart from that you can buy, sell, or make use of your cryptocurrencies effortlessly.

Like Divi, Javvy is extremely user-friendly and safe to use. It’s one of those original firebrand cryptocurrency applications that is sure to find a popular identity among the common population as well as corporate entities.

Coinbase – One of the superhero performers of the cryptocurrency galaxy, Coinbase has managed to garner more than $200 million in its venture capitalist funding round. It is arguably the most popular interface today for the sale and exchange of the world’s most trending cryptocurrencies.

Coinbase has enjoyed a great deal of popularity in recent times, having a validated presence in around 30 countries with a customer base that touches 11 million as per recent market reports.

Circle – Yet another money transfer application based on cryptocurrency, Circle aims to take away the complications and risks associated with sending money across the globe. In fact, it’s done a pretty good job of making it a fun experience. It’s extremely convenient to make a group or send money through a one to one transaction without any fees. The interface is pretty smooth and a breeze to work through, making it a great tool to send and receive money from family and friends. Circle’s evolution curve certainly gives it promise to be a great contender in the cryptocurrency arena.

SpectroCoin – Working with more than 30 of the most established currencies and accepted in over 150 countries, SpectroCoin helps manage your cryptocurrency funds in a seamless manner. They provide a physical debit card that can be used in more than 30 million ATMs across the globe. The state of the art platform enables businesses to receive bitcoin on the internet as well as in person.

Bancor – One of the more innovative and game changing characteristics of cryptocurrency technology is its ability to generate reward currency through smart-contract blockchains. Through this protocol, the user can develop built-in price discovery as well as a liquidity feature that facilitates tokens with smart-contract blockchains as the foundation. The most attractive aspect of Bancor is the fact that business owners can generate reward currencies for utilizing their services.

Shapeshift – Just like the name infers, the interface for this cryptocurrency exchange platform is so simple that it almost seems to lack any specific form. You have absolutely nothing to do to get started here. Just select the cryptocurrencies you intend to exchange, provide an input for the payment mode of your choice, and you’re done! Simple as that. Goodbye sign ups and transaction fees! With its ultra light interface and simplistic design, Shapeshift easily qualifies as one of the best options for beginners in the cryptocurrency market.

Stream Token – Stream Token is theoretically a dream come true for creators of high quality content on the web. A relatively new entrant into the cryptocurrency sphere, Stream Token enables content creators to gain monetary control over their content. Over the years content creators have been at the mercy of key entities to get due rewards for their content and have been in most cases, been undervalued and underpaid for their high quality content. Stream Token provides an easy to operate platform for creators to monetize their content instantly and connect directly to their audience without taking a fee. The platform is decentralized. An audience can directly reward creators for their content allowing creators to focus directly on what they do best instead of worrying about monetizing their content and getting what is worth.

Monetha – Built on the Ethereum platform, Monetha has gained worldwide trust through its decentralized payment solution designed keeping business owners in mind. Monetha provides access to multiple business platforms including mobile, ecommerce, and retail arenas. Anybody who buys from this platform will have access to unbiased reviews of previous transactions implemented on the chain. The decentralized nature of the platform holds all users and buyers with a certain level of accountability making it secure and viable.

Bitpagos –Bitpagos is more than just a decentralized cryptocurrency platform. It has the elements of a revolution with the aim to revitalize the Latin American financial sector and transform it into a world class digital financial powerhouse. Bitpagos has an impressive array of tools and a wide range of available platforms that it operates on making it a viable solution for both business owners and consumers in Latin America to create a solid network of blockchains to help facilitate the expansion of bitcoin. Owing to the significantly lower volume of competition in that part of the world, Bitpagos holds a major advantage over the rest of the competition.

The Road Ahead

These are just some of the most prominent companies making a creative wave on the cryptocurrency scene. Already cryptocurrency and its blockchain technology has made a dominating presence with small and big businesses adopting it for implementing smart contracts, executing payments and transfers across the world, notary purposes, a solution for establishing digital identity, and creating gift cards or loyalty programs. It is just an indication for the creative potential held by cryptocurrency in the current situation. There is a lot to look forward in the next ten years.

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