Combination of Spanish Luxury and Comfortable Property in Costa Brava

Costa Brava is known as one of the most magnificent corners of warm and captivating Spain. The city that steals the heart from the first sight is located in the north of Catalonia. Its unique atmosphere and welcoming locals make visitors come there again and again, and even think about purchasing a comfortable villa. Property for sale in Costa Brava may seem expensive, but it will definitely pay off in the near future.

Nature and Climate of Costa Brava

The coastline of the area is covered with scrub, conifers and deciduous groves. In some places it even seems unapproachable from the sea. The cozy coves with steep cliffs, transparent turquoise shoals and sandy beaches create an atmosphere of solitude with this pristine beauty and give an unforgettable experience of boat trips and hiking along the rural Catalan trails in the Pyrenees foothills.

To swim in transparent waters of the Mediterranean, it is advisable to come to the area in the period from June to October when the air temperature does not drop below 20 degrees. The average temperature of the hottest summer month, August, is approximately 25 degrees. The winter temperature of the water and air in the Costa Brava does not drop below 13-14 degrees Celsius.

Types of Property in Costa Brava

Being in high demand among foreign investors, Costa Brava provides them with a huge variety of choices. Spacious villas, stylish apartments and magnificent townhouses are available for anyone who wants to join the peaceful life in one of the European countries. Let`s have a detailed look at each type of real estate.

1) Apartments

1–6-bedroom apartments in Lloret de Mar are available starting from 150,000 up to 2,350,000 euro. The price depends on the footage and the amenities in the housing option. The average price for a square meter is 5,000 euro. For example, one of the most expensive variants is an apartment of premium quality of 280 square meters.

2) Villas

The multiple bedroom villas are also popular among foreigners. The price on such options starts from 183,000 and may reach 12,000,000 euro. Famous developers applied creativity and technological advances to include the necessary amenities in villas. They work in cooperation with renowned designers to complete the rooms with branded furniture and luxurious interior.

3) Houses

Houses in Costa Brava are being sold in various areas. Inspired buyers may choose a house from different price segments from 250,000 to 6,500,000 euro. They boast of vast private territory and large terraces with breathtaking views.

The selection of the type of property is purely an individual thing, as all of them are highly beneficial and are located not far from important infrastructure.

Economic Attractiveness of Costa Brava

Spain is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe, and Costa Brava is one of the regions that attract the largest number of visitors and investors. Warm climate makes it an ideal place for swimming in the sea, excursions and walks on shallow sandy beaches and coves all year round. Besides, most residences are located in closed areas giving privacy and calmness to its owners. Therefore, it is a very pleasant place to stay. Constant flow of tourists ruins any obstacles in looking for reliable tenants. It leads to a high investment return and safety of the house.

Advantages of Living in the Costa Brava

Despite the high cost of real estate in Costa Brava, the flow of foreigners who want to live here does not dry up. And this is due primarily to these advantages:

  • Climate. This is the hottest coast of Spain, where summer temperatures are only 25-30 ° C and warm winters.
  • Picturesque landscape. The rocky mountains with pine forests, the sea and ancient castles attract investors and tourists from all over the world.
  • The proximity of France. Near the coast is France, with which you can cross the border on a Schengen visa.
  • Air. Iodine-rich air mixed with the aromas of fir and pine trees envelops the coast and is good for human health.

Professional Assistance on Choosing Real Estate in Costa Brava

Spain-Real.Estate provides opportunities for foreign buyers to obtain appropriate housing options from popular developers. A comprehensive list of variants, detailed description of each house and simple navigation are the reasons to visit the website.

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