Real Estate in Demirtaş Area in Alanya – a New Investment Destination

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In recent years, the Demirtaş area in Alanya has become a popular investment destination for property buyers from all over the world. The reason for this is simple – the location offers stunning natural scenery, a great climate and a wide range of high-quality real estate options at very affordable prices.

If you are thinking about purchasing a property in Demirtaş, here is what you need to know about this up-and-coming area.

Property in Turkey

Against the backdrop of a shortage of free land and high prices for liquid plots, new areas are being actively developed. Far-sighted developers are buying up good land plots, as they see real demand from foreign investors and benefits from the construction of modern residential complexes. The pearl of the Turkish Riviera – the city of Alanya – is a world famous resort with a rich historical and cultural heritage. Alanya consists of a historical part and more than ten cozy administrative districts, well-equipped for recreation and living. Cost of property in Alanya makes this city quite an attractive place to purchase real estate there.

One of the suburbs of Alanya is Demirtaş. This is a heavenly place with excellent ecology, a long coastline, wonderful beaches, coniferous forests and a calm atmosphere. The advantages of the resort have already been appreciated not only by developers, but also by investors from abroad. We bring to your attention a detailed overview of the Demirtaş area, thanks to which you can choose the best place for investment, recreation or living on the Mediterranean coast.


The name Demirtaş comes from two Turkish words: “demir” – iron, “taş” – stone. The settlement began to exist as a separate administrative unit in 1936, and in 1992 became a municipality, which included more than 20 villages. The resort is located on a mountain slope 25 km from the center of Alanya, 15 km from the international airport Gazipaşa-Alanya Havalimanı, borders on the areas of Kargicak and Gazipasa. The permanent population of the village is about 3,000 people.


The beaches are spacious, sandy and pebbly there. Ideal for lovers of secluded relaxation, as there are few tourists here.

The advantages of the coast are obvious: a gentle entrance to the sea, a gradual increase in depth, clear, clean water. There are no high tides, which significantly increases the level of safety. Showers and changing rooms are located right on the shore, and small cafes, in addition to soft drinks and street food, offer rental of sun loungers and umbrellas. The coastal area in Demirtaş is perfect if you like fishing for trout, octopus, blue crabs.

One of the most famous places is the sandy Turtle Beach, where in the spring, lovers of marine reptiles can admire the little turtles hurrying to the sea for the first time. The protected area is strictly protected by law.


The infrastructure in Demirtaş, Alanya, is presented with everything necessary for a comfortable stay all year round.

  • Grocery, hardware stores, street kiosks are open on the territory of the district. Every week there is a traveling farmers’ market where you can buy cheap, organic vegetables, fruits, olive oil, dairy products, souvenirs and much more.
  • To thoroughly stock up on groceries, arrange shopping, it is better to go to large hypermarkets and shopping malls in other areas or the central part of Alanya.
  • There are several restaurants and cafes of Mediterranean cuisine on the coast. There is a municipal park with recreation areas for children and sports grounds, picnic and barbecue areas. Horse riding fans will enjoy the equestrian club in Demirtaş.
  • It should be noted that Demirtaş is a quiet and peaceful area. And to get to a disco, a nightclub or a cinema, you will have to go to other parts of Alanya.
  • A Turkish kindergarten is open with a preparatory class before starting the school. In addition to Turkish, children learn English and Arabic. In addition, educational institutions in Demirtaş are represented by primary and secondary schools, lyceums.

Development features

Real estate in the Demirtaş area is in demand among foreign buyers. Investors are attracted by the calm and peaceful atmosphere of the resort village.

A huge plus of Demirtaş for developers is its excellent location, where you can still buy view areas.

Construction companies are building high-quality ultra-modern residential complexes on the first and second coastlines. Luxury villas are located closer to the mountains. Their distinctive features and advantages for investors are panoramic breathtaking views of the sea surface, maximum readiness for living, high-quality repairs and much more.

Investments in Demirtaş housing are of interest to those buyers from abroad who are planning to move to the Republic of Turkey and dream of living away from the bustle of the city. In addition, square meters of real estate in a developing area is a promising investment for the future, as housing prices are constantly rising. The inexpensive cost of real estate is due to the remoteness from the historical center of Alanya.

The price tag for villas in Demirtaş is EUR 150,000–170,000. You can buy an apartment from a developer in an off-plan residential complex for EUR 65,000–80,000.

Real estate in Turkey

Turk.Estate will help you choose and purchase quality housing in the Demirtaş area. They will select for you exactly the option that will fully satisfy all your wishes and goals of the purchase.

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