Outstanding Architectural Masterpieces or New Developments in Spain

Architectural Masterpieces

Stunning beaches, impressive architecture, and modern luxury developments – all of these come to mind when speaking about Spain. The country of the sun is loved by foreigners with different aims. If you are thinking about buying property in Spain, and you do not accept the options of secondary housing, new buildings in Spain are a smart choice. New developments in Spain are a great investment and an opportunity not only to relax, but also to earn money. Any property on the southern coast has a high rental potential, especially in those areas where the season lasts up to ten months a year. In this article we are going to discuss the reasons why foreign investors and potential residents like the country and what new developments are available for sale.

Reasons why foreigners choose Spain

It is quite obvious that the significant European country has much to offer to its residents. Besides, advanced infrastructure, pristine nature, pleasant climate, and welcoming locals, there are some economic factors for buying real estate in Spain.

1.     The growth of economy

The Spanish economy was hit hard in 2020 by the coronavirus pandemic. In 2020, the country’s GDP shrank by about 12% and unemployment rose by 7.5%. To date, the economy has recovered. The expert is confident that Spain’s economy will be one of the fastest growing in the near future. The predictions of the experts are going to become true, as Spain is the destination of high demand even in the complicated situation in the world.

2.     High liquidity and low rates

Such a beneficial combination of two important factors attracts investors from all over the world and brings good income.

3.     The revival of tourism and high ROI

After the pandemic downturn, the sphere of tourism is the country begins to revive. Constant flows of tourists increase the number of potential tenants. Therefore, the possibility to rent out the real estate and get high return is obvious.

4.     Interest from international investors and attraction of the new ones

Property in Spain is valued by buyers because of its affordable cost. Real estate in Germany or France will cost much more. In the coming months, it is expected to increase investment in real estate in Spain by both private investors and large investment funds. For the year forecasts a new record investment, which in terms of volume could be a record of about 30 billion euro.

New developments of luxury real estate in Spain for sale

Each region of Spain is unique and provides real estate according to its peculiarities. No doubt, to find an appropriate housing option for sale, it is necessary to look through hundreds of variants. We are going to introduce the most interesting developments to illustrate the approximate prices and amenities.

 Penthouses in Torrevieja, Alicante

The average price starts from €220,000 for 140 square meters. The penthouse offers 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, terrace, solarium, zone for barbeque and swimming pool. Besides, the property is fully equipped with advanced appliances and furnished by designer units.

Duplexes in Estepona, Malaga

The property of 94 square meters is being sold for €325,000. The house is completely ready for moving in and enjoying the views on sunny beaches from the personal terrace.

Apartments in Sevilla, Seville

3-bedroom apartments are available for more than €750,000. The property of high class represents 193 square meters of living space. It provides multiple indoor and outdoor facilities. The rooms are decorated by famous designers and impress with their stunning decisions.

Apartments in Barcelona, Spain

The most stylish residential area of Barcelona boasts of alluring real estate for more than €1,300,000. Apartments in the city are conveniently located within a few-minute walk from important institutions, like schools, hospitals, shops, etc. All the necessary amenities are included as well.

The search of new real estate in Spain

Spain is the country that has a housing unit to offer for any buyer. Depending on the desires, aims, and budget, the future property owner can choose the perfect unit. To explore the wide selection of comfortable for living and profitable for investment real estate, visit the website Spain-Real.Estate. Open the website, adjust the settings, and start a journey to the house of your dream.

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