Cloud Computing for a Better Business: Why Cloud?


Cloud computing have successfully penetrated the small business landscape. However, some businesses are still using traditional infrastructure and strategies to run their operations. Are you one of these companies? Isn’t it about time you consider going cloud? Business Cloud can be used for a wide range of different applications. Some common examples are email servers, web servers, database servers, off-site backups, game servers and even mobile applications.

One solid benefit of using cloud computing is enhanced efficiency; services and processes are quickly deployed and ready for operation in a matter of minutes, in comparison to weeks or even months it takes for traditional systems. There are more to cloud computing than simply getting your storage capacity, compute resources or application within minutes. Many business owners will tell you these benefits as well:

Secured Business Operation. Using standardized services significantly reduce problems and errors. This increases business continuity and reduces precious time spent on operational problems, letting you concentrate on the things that matter – your business. There are agencies today that still uses manual information encoding from one service to another. This doesn’t just take a lot of time and work, but also exposes your files to security risks. Look for service providers that offers value for their service. Services like iiNet offers cloud computing security that won’t break your bank.

Better use of resources.Less operational issues and projects that are more efficient allow your staff to spend their time on other more productive activities that offers greater potential value to your company. This benefit is different for each organization and somewhat harder to quantify, but an organization’s biggest asset will always be their work force. How they are being utilized is also a big part factor in business strategy. Private cloud service providers, in general, more effectively utilizes physical resources and lessen energy consumption in comparison to a traditional IT approach.

New Business Models. Thanks to cloud computing, setting up a new business has become easier. New businesses enable new business owners to take advantage of the innovation initiatives and ready availability of cloud services. Combining these services can result in better business development, creating new value propositions and resulting in better revenue streams.  Some companies are even creating value propositions and business models solely using cloud services. It’s a good time for small and medium enterprises, that’s for sure.

Business Flexibility. Allowing cloud computing in your business allows you to streamline everything from IT projects, worker collaboration and rapid uptime during a system failure. Being able to give results quicker, more affordable and with more quality can give your business that competitive edge and make you more nimble on your feet. On-demand cloud system provide the approach to try out new concepts minus the risky investments in supporting systems. A shift in business focus can also be made quickly, so no issue there.

There you go. As you see, there is much more to cloud computing than tech revolution alone. The true beauty of cloud computing is how the new technology will positively influence your business.

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  1. Cloud computing seems to be on everyone’s lips at the moment. In the world of business IT and data management, many seem to be touting its benefits to anyone who will listen. While it is tempting to be skeptical and cloud computing certainly does have its critics when it comes to security, it is worth looking carefully at exactly what it has to offer international businesses. Both large multi-nationals and small businesses who work with international clients can get considerable value from cloud services if they know what to look for and how best to utilise them.

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