Why Cloud Is The Lifeline For So Many Modern Businesses?


Businesses have always been evolving and expanding, and the digital age has literally helped connect entrepreneurs with customers, effectively removing the boundaries of place and time. Cloud computing in particular, has played a vital role the transition of local businesses in to the global paying field. IT has enabled the creation of newer more efficient business models, accelerated complexity and depth of innovation, and literally changed the way we do business. The potential benefits of businesses opting for cloud go way beyond convenience and the environment. So, let’s take a look at why cloud computing is so important for modern businesses.

  1. Security

Theft and loss of IT equipment is a part and parcel of business, but though the equipment itself is replaceable, the sensitive data held within them is usually not. Cloud computing protects businesses from such threats by eliminating the need to have your own physical servers, giving you greater anonymity and security. The best part is that if your systems are connected to a cloud, you can physically erase the data within a lost laptop or hard drive.

  1. Flexibility

Cloud computing is helps to deal with the problem of fluctuating demand for bandwidth, as users can easily increase or scale down their cloud capacity depending on their needs and requirements. This is the kind of flexibility that one simply won’t find with physical servers. So, it’s really no surprise that flexibility is the number one factors that drives businesses to adopt cloud technology.

  1. Recovery

 Not only does the cloud offer high levels of security for your business’s data, but offers a great way to ensure full data recovery in case of unforeseen circumstances. And since it’s not feasible for smaller businesses to invest in comprehensive recovery management software, cloud computing is a literal no-brainer. Cloud-based recovery solutions have already saved so many businesses from wasting time in trying to recover lost data.

  1. Automatic Updates

Since cloud computing servers are operated and maintained by third parties, a business does not need to worry about security or firmware updates as they will be automatically downloaded and implemented. Having a system that takes care of itself can eliminate the need for an in-house IT team altogether.

  1. No Capital-expenditure

Almost every business decision is made to comply with a budget, and cloud computing completely eliminates the need to invest in expensive servers and related hardware. Most cloud computing companies offer subscription-based services that can be fine-tuned according to your budgetary needs; just another reason why you should adopt cloud computing for your business.

  1. Enhanced Collaboration

 Imagine a situation where in different members from different departments of your business can access, share, and even modify data at any place and time. This won’t just result in colossal time savings, but will also help you build a better business.

  1. Remote Access

Another huge advantage of using the cloud is that you can work from anywhere- all you need is a computer and an internet connection. A few comprehensive cloud companies even offer mobile apps that allow you to work on tablets or smartphones, while being connected to your data the entire time. The cloud has single-handedly enabled employees to telecommute effectively, allowing them to achieve work-life balance.

  1. Document Control

The greater flexibility of work through remote access and document sharing has also led to a greater need to ensure documents are kept under your control. Earlier, employees had to ping-pong mail attachments, and could only work on them one at a time. This more than often led to a confusing ocean of emails; another problem that gets solved with cloud computing. Since all the data gets stored at a central location, everyone who has access to the server will see exactly the same thing, in real time. This transparency will only further improve collaboration efforts, as well as your business’s bottom line.

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  1. Fact stated by a research study conducted by Intuit and Emergent Research reveals that 78 percent of small businesses will completely adapt to the cloud by 2020.

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