How to change the Windows 7 Boot Screen


Many users are keen on creating unique styles for the installed Windows OS. This is due to the desire to stand out from the crowd and give the working environment its own style.

The starting screen for windows 7 at first glance, is simply an animated Windows logo that the user could see at the start of the process of turning on the computer. Although, maybe not for this, but simply for beauty. Moreover, it is enough to show a little desire and the starting process can serve as a decoration for the monitor because installing a new boot screen for Windows 7 is not difficult at all. Just download any screen you like and install it with the help of special programs that can be downloaded in the appropriate section.

In the Windows operating system, there is no standard function that allows the user to change the boot screen. Therefore, you will have to use additional programs. Consider the process in steps with one of the Windows 7 Boot Updater utilities.

Download screensaver

First of all, you need to download the program from the official site and run the installation on behalf of the administrator. The installation process is fairly simple and intuitive. The only thing that can be changed in it is the path where the installed application will be located.

Preparing a screensaver

It is necessary to prepare a screensaver. You can find ready-made skins in .bs7 format on the Internet. Wikiext will help you to better understand what the file format it is and how to work with it.

Wiki text

Also, you can create your own animated screensaver right in the program, using images in the format .jpg, .bmp, .png. To do this, just save 105 pictures with frames of the future splash screen that appears when you start Windows in the same folder.

Setting the screensaver

Now you can start the program and proceed directly to setting up the Windows boot screen. After starting the program, a window opens where you can change or completely delete the words “Start Windows” and “Microsoft Corporation”.

After you look around you can go to the replacement of screensaver.

  1. If you have downloaded the skin in .bs7 format, then just select “Load skin…” from the “File” menu and specify the desired file, and after processing click apply.
  2. If you have a set of images, you have to go to the “Download” tab and select “Animation” in the first drop-down menu. Then specify the folder where the finished drawings are placed. After that, just check what you have done and click the “Apply” button.

Restore the default boot screen

If necessary, the program allows you to return the standard appearance of the splash screen that appears when the image is loaded. To do this, just select “Restore from backup” in the “Settings” menu.

In the program, you can change many settings. This allows you to create your own unique screensaver and achieve a completely individual style of launching the system.

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