How can you Record a Podcast from Two Locations?

Have you ever done an interview where someone else was not in the same room as you? Have you ever made a podcast where you recorded at different times or in different locations? Sometimes, while interviewing, you may experience a situation where you record a podcast from two different locations. This has become the trend […]

How can you make a Perfect Podcast Outro?

The success of a podcast depends very much on its content. The way you present podcasts is an essential factor for the enjoyment of your listeners. It is your work to ensure that each episode sounds professional. Content is the most critical factor, which should be appropriately presented, as well as be of high quality. […]

How Long and How Often Should You Podcast?

Podcasting is a medium to inform, educate, and entertain your masses. With the current situation of the pandemic and people conforming to self-isolation, podcasting has become a medium of interaction and a medium to get your voice heard. Some like to listen while some want to record their voice and take center stage in this […]

Audio Interface or Mixer, a Better Option for Podcasting from Home?

With an increase in podcasting and the interest of many people towards this stream has made many questions arise. These questions in terms of electronics for podcasting have become a rise due to in house set up. With the pandemic and people stuck at home, podcasting seems to be the best way to deal with […]

Five Best Headphones for Podcasting

Planning to start a podcast, have the content ready, and the setup but unsure what kind of a headphone you require? Headphones are essential when it comes to podcasting. Apart from the microphone and tools to record the podcast, a pair of headphones is necessary. If you have an online interview, then it’s essential to […]