Five Best Headphones for Podcasting

Planning to start a podcast, have the content ready, and the setup but unsure what kind of a headphone you require? Headphones are essential when it comes to podcasting. Apart from the microphone and tools to record the podcast, a pair of headphones is necessary. If you have an online interview, then it’s essential to […]

How do you Layout a Podcast Intros

You know what’s in trend! PODCASTS Oh yeah, podcasts were developed in 2004. Mind you the word used here is ‘developed’ because earlier this was known as ‘audio-blogging’ and dates way back in the 1980s. The question here is – if this is such an old concept then why has it become so ‘in’ only […]

AT2035 Vs Blue Yeti- What to Choose?

When it comes to choosing a good quality mic, many of us opt for brand value over required product features or even quality. However, when the debate arises between XLR and USB microphones, both have solid pros and cons that keep you thinking about what to choose finally. Now add to this one of the […]

Most Popular Podcast Interview Questions of All Time

Interviews are the most exciting part of Podcasts. One needs to have a correct format of questions that would make the podcast appealing to the audience. Before becoming an excellent interviewer, one must research a lot and create questions that would make the interview detailed. Hence, here is a list of popular podcast interview questions […]

Best Laptops for Podcasting

Podcasts are a great way to connect with your audience and to create a mark on the digital platform. With the demand for podcasts increasing steadily, the content curators have been devising ways to make each podcast experience useful, interactive, and engaging.   However, with so much competition, it becomes essential to have the right gear […]