Careers for Mathematicians

If mathematics has always been your strong point, it would seem a sensible step to use it within your future career. Continue reading for your guide to the perfect careers for accomplished mathematicians.



Perhaps you were sitting in a lesson at school thinking how you would explain things a different way, considering how ‘talk and chalk’ does not work for some of your fellow students. Maybe this means that teaching is something at which you could excel. A great understanding of your subject as well as a large amount of patience, care and tolerance could well set you up well for this career. Undertaking a degree in your chosen subject followed by a PGCE or an undergraduate degree in teaching mathematics are both options to consider. From this, you could also go on to be a private tutor for either an agency or independently. Teaching is not for everyone, so it would be worth spending a little time volunteering in a school to decide whether this option is suitable. 


This career probably springs to mind for most people when you mention mathematics. Despite the stereotype portrayed on many TV programmes, accountancy is not boring and is a solid choice! An undergraduate degree in accountancy and finance at ULAW could be the perfect stepping-stone needed to propel yourself into this profession. Whether you want to set up your own accountancy firm or work within a larger company, there are many options available to you.

Data Analyst

If you have both mathematical skills and a curious, inquisitive mind, the role of data analyst could be right up your street. From higher education to sales and marketing, there are many areas in which you could work. This profession tends to be in high demand across a number of industries, so if you are able to work largely independently and with a range of computer programs, this could be a good option for you. Additionally, a knowledge of SEO, keyword analysis and analytics could be useful. 

Software Engineer

Along with strong mathematical skills, you would obviously need a very good grasp of computer science to stand a chance of landing a job as a software engineer, even as a graduate trainee. This ever-evolving industry, due to constant technological advances, means that it would only be suitable for those who are willing to learn new things all the time and those who won’t rest on their laurels. Females are very underrepresented in this profession, but help to get your foot can be sought through Women in Tech

Financial Advisor

Being fantastic at mathematics does not necessarily go hand in hand with being good with money. However, if you do know about money, the role of financial advisor could be for you. This has the potential of earning you a top salary, but it is vital to be able to cope well under pressure. What’s more, if advice you have given someone fails, this will undoubtedly impact negatively on your reputation and therefore business. 

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